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Protect Your Bubble Shares Four Ways Smartphones Might Dumb Down Society


Are Advances in Technology Making the Population Stupid?

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Smartphone ownership is at an all time high in history. According to a September 2012 study from Pew Research Center, forty-four percent of American adults now own smartphones (that doesn't even include cell phones). As a culture we rely on these devices for so much, but Protect Your Bubble wonders, are our smartphones creating a culture that's incapable of thinking for themselves?

Americans are consumed and obsessed with their smartphones. And why wouldn't they be? There's an ever-present plethora of information, entertainment and instant communication available at their finger tips. But this ease in access comes with a price. Here are the three areas in which smartphones have the greatest risk in dumbing down society:

1.    Take maps for instance. While paper maps move toward extinction, the digital maps and map apps provide a much more efficient means for navigation. Turn-by-turn navigation takes virtually all brain power out of navigating to one's destination. Simply follow the instructions and arrive at the destination.

2.    Standard features like auto spellcheckers and calculators (present on most mobile phones), definitely tempt people to use the smartphone more and brains less.

3.    Memory is a precious thing, but is required less and less. Calendars with automatic reminders tell alert people when to buy an anniversary present or send a birthday card, which means people certainly don't need to rely on memory as much.

4.    Basic social skills are at risk. The days of small talk in the elevator, calling a loved one to ask a simple question or basic face-to-face communication. These have been replaced with consumers glued to their device in the elevator, sending a text rather than a phone call, or skipping the lunch date with a friend and sending a Facebook poke instead. This is very apparent though a simple walk down the street. People don't interact as much now, they are too busy checking Twitter or streaming the latest football score.

It's true that many people are captivated with this improved technology, so it's only natural that the need for it increases too. Technology is beneficial to a certain point, but it should not replace what's going on in the world right around them.

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