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Nutrisystem Announces Real Life Success Story: For Nick Gaudio Turning 30 Years Old Turns Out To Be Weight Loss Turning Point


Nick Gaudio, 33 of Willow Springs, Illinois acknowledges that topping the scales at over 300 pounds had put him into “a bit of a depression.” He's not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in ten Americans deals with depression each year. Gaudio turned to Nutrisystem and lost 80 pounds and according to him the effort has "made me the best version of myself that I could be—and that means more than anything.”

Fort Washington, PA (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Nutrisystem reveals the latest real-life weight loss success story.

Nick Gaudio admits that at 319 pounds and 30 years of age he was “not a very happy person.” His weight, and the problems both small and large that came with it, was unnecessary baggage for a young man who had big plans for his future.

According to a July 2011 article on Everyday Health, “Research has shown that there's no clear, one-way connection between obesity and depression. Instead, studies have shown that the two tend to feed off each other in a vicious, self-destructive circle.”

Certainly that's how it felt for Gaudio, who when flying home from a business trip couldn't buckle his seat belt. Gaudio was dismayed that he had let his eating get this far out of hand. "I'd never really seen myself as that big, messy guy in the corner, but at over 300 lbs., that's exactly who I was," says Gaudio.

After the humiliation of not being able to buckle his seat belt, Gaudio vowed to do something about his weight. “I had had enough,” says Gaudio, “I knew I had to do something … to make some sort of change.”

Gaudio called Nutrisystem in 2009 and got on the program although he admits to not being sure the plan would work for him. “As ready as I was to start losing the weight,” says Gaudio, “I wasn't so sure Nutrisystem was going to work for me. Boy, was I wrong! I began the diet, and saw my first 20 lbs. melt off with relative ease. Nutrisystem puts it all into place for you by teaching you exactly what and how to eat. I saw the results, and realized that they'd be there as long as I stuck with it.”

Gaudio's philosophy of sticking to the program mirrors Nutrisystem brand ambassador Terry Bradshaw's, who has lost 32 pounds on the program.

“Nick did exactly what he needed to for his health – exactly when he needed to,” says NFL Hall of Famer Bradshaw. “It doesn't get easier to lose weight the older you get and you want to be in the game of life and enjoying your 30's, 40's … even your 60's! I know I am.”

Gaudio liked that he had taken control and was following a plan, “I think the best part about Nutrisystem is that they put the map in place for you. Once you get a look at that map, you know the direction to losing weight.”

Since beginning the program, Gaudio has lost 80 pounds* and his outlook can be seen in the nearly perpetual grin he wears. "I wouldn't be here in this great state of mind that I'm in without Nutrisystem," he says.

Gaudio is proud to report that “I still live and eat as I learned on Nutrisystem with proper portion size and healthy eating.”

Losing weight on Nutrisystem has made Gaudio, “a better person, and probably extended my life as I entered my 30s. It saved me from depression and, best of all, it's made me the best version of myself that I could be—and that means more than anything.”

The Nutrisystem® Men's program launched in 2005 when Nutrisystem acknowledged a gap in commercial weight loss programs available for men and brought on Dan Marino (who lost 22 lbs. on the program) as an inspirational spokesperson for the brand. Like women, men had an increasing desire to lose weight, look good and feel great. Nutrisystem addressed this need by developing the first men's commercial weight loss program, tailored to provide the right amount of food, variety and hunger control to keep men satisfied. The Nutrisystem program is designed to help take the weight off and keep it off through frequent, portion-controlled, balanced nutrition and low Glycemic Index eating. On Nutrisystem, men get to eat the foods they love like pizza, ice cream, pasta and burgers, while losing weight without feeling deprived.

Men typically lose weight faster than women and need more calories; therefore, men eat six times a day on the Nutrisystem® program. Men don't want to weigh-in together, count calories or points, or go to meetings, they want it to be easy and convenient. Marino adds, "Nutrisystem sends great tasting food directly to my door. I just heat and eat."

Since the first Nutrisystem men's order was placed in 2005 until the end of December 2011, Nutrisystem has helped men lose an approximate total of 20,691,678 pounds.

*Results not typical.

On Nutrisystem®, you can expect to lose at least 1-2 lbs. per week. Individuals are

remunerated. Weight lost on prior Nutrisystem® program.

To view additional Nutrisystem success stories like Nick, and for more information on the

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Having helped Americans lose millions of pounds over the last 40 years, Nutrisystem, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTRI) develops evidence-based programs for healthy weight management, and is the leading provider of home-delivered weight loss meal plans. Nutrisystem offers balanced nutrition in the form of low glycemic index meal plans designed for men and women, including seniors, vegetarians and the Nutrisystem® D® program for people with diabetes or at risk for type 2 diabetes. Nutrisystem® plans include a wide variety of pantry and fresh-frozen entrees and snacks to aid in program satisfaction and adherence, as well as transition plans to support long-term success. The Fort Washington, PA-based company also provides weight management support and counseling by trained weight-loss coaches and registered dietitians, as well as through an engaged online community, online tools and trackers, mobile apps, cookbooks and more. Healthcare professionals may learn more about the programs by visiting The Company has also introduced a new in-store retail line, Nutrisystem® Everyday™ products, comprised of nutritionally balanced bars, smoothies, bakery and breakfast items aimed at consumers who aspire to eat healthier.

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