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New Employment Site Seeks to Match Skills with Opportunities Worldwide


Globemploy™ has set its sights on tackling the global employment crisis with the completion of its unique and highly anticipated new employment solutions software. The company's new online job platform is specifically designed to help hiring managers from across the globe to locate their 100% matched candidate.

Montreal, QC (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

According to the International Labor Association, there are approximately two hundred and fifty million unemployed adults in the world. This staggering statistic is a clear reflection of industry's need to re-examine the ways in which labor is located, hired, and retained.

The founders of Globemploy™ have developed a proprietary process that helps client companies filter through the firm's immense database of available talent, identifying only those candidates whose experience, education, and expertise qualify them for the available position. The objective is to bring together ambition and opportunity on a world-wide scale, leading to mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees.

Globemploy™'s ground breaking international hiring process allows managers in industries from around the world to:

  • Execute their global job match (or matches) at This sets the company's Multi-factor filtering system in motion (this tool searches the company's current and growing worldwide database of talented job seekers and identifies those candidates that exactly meet the criteria set out by the employer).
Locate and hire talented individuals from a geographic area that spans well beyond the usual networks of a company. Narrow candidate list by utilizing Globemploy™'s MFCA (Multi-Factor Candidate Assessment) tool (this is a fifteen-minute emotional intelligence assessment designed to identify the candidate's strengths and weaknesses). Conduct secure online interviews via Globemploy's video conferencing feature (a process that can easily save thousands in international travel expenses). Promote and aid in the globalization of the world's economy through the sharing of business concepts and the open exchange of ideas.


Globemploy™ is currently offering clients a 10% discount on all new job postings.

Globemploy™'s corporate mission is very straightforward. It is to match job application openings with qualified candidates worldwide. By recognizing the international employment crisis as a potentially lucrative opportunity and developing an exceptionally strong international presence, Globemploy has turned hardship to hope and insurmountable pressure to immeasurable potential.
By creating strategic alliances with a growing number of business leaders, Globemploy™ has developed an impressive database containing both countless career opportunities and an exceptionally deep talent pool.

From finance to textiles, and from farming to automotive, the globalization of the world's economy is a very real, and very powerful force. As insight into foreign markets and global recognition become the order of the day, only those companies with a truly international presence will be able to compete moving forward.

For millions of unemployed people around the world, who have talents not being utilized, the only obstacle standing between them and their true potential is lack of opportunity. Conversely, for many businesses, lack of available qualified talent is a real and growing issue. By helping to bridge the gap between ambition and opportunity, Globemploy™ has taken the next step in the evolution of employment, enhancing both quality of life and profitability along the way.

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