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JG Real Estate Rolls Out Training Classes for New Licensees


JGRE, a leading Philadelphia brokerage has recently rolled out professional training which is offered to all JGRE active licensees. Lending, Law, Tax, are just a few of the topics covered.

Philadephia, PA (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Starting today, JG Real Estate, a well known Philadelphia real estate brokerage will be offering training classes to it's agents. Topics will include lending, real estate taxation, real estate law, as well is brokerage specific topics such as forms, code of ethics, etc.

This offering is especially attractive to agents which are newer to the business, as they may not have a firm understanding of some of the real estate basics. Often, agents are coming out of their fundamentals and practice courses with many questions concerning how what they've been taught relates to real world practicum. The instructors which JGRE brings in to teach classes are leaders in their respective industries, and therefore have first hand knowledge of how their coursework relates to agents' every day professional lives.

The first course in this series was taught by JGRE's preferred lender, Gary Risler of Waterstone Mortgage. Gary began with the basics, teaching agents how to pre-qualify buyers to ensure they have the financial wherewithal to move forward with a purchase transaction. By the end of the class, he was describing how a successful closing goes from the lender's perspective. A class like this offers invaluable insight into how all of the moving parts of a real estate transactions come to together to meet an objective.

As a firm which has a strong base in property management Philadelphia JGRE is seeing it's Philadelphia Rental Agents move into sales as their business and contacts expand. It's a natural progression, and one that the JGRE management team encourages and fosters.

"A bunch of our newer agents have come over recently from other brokerages which have zero sales presence, both buy and sell side. While a good portion of our business revolves around rentals and Philadelphia property management, we also do a fair amount of sales transactions with home buyers and investors. So, agents see us as the best of both words; we offer what's familiar to them but also give them the opportunity to expand their professional lives into a different, and potentially more profitable world. By offering these training classes, we're truly offering a combination which no other real estate brokerage in the city of Philadelphia offers."

If you are a Philadelphia rental agent and looking to expand into Philadelphia real estate sales, visit the career sections, and schedule a time to sit down with Jared to discuss how JGRE's training classes can benefit you.

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