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Luggage Superstore gives tips on solo travelling.


The idea of travelling around the country or the world even, can be a rewarding adventure but also may feel unsafe and intimidating.

(PRWEB UK) 24 October 2012

Many daunting questions may arise initially of possible perils but travelling solo can allow you to have unprejudiced pleasure that companions may influence .Luggage Superstore has some tips that may help to make the solo journey one of pleasant memories.

  •     SAFETY FIRST:-The ultimate enjoyment of the trip is to secure your safety.

The “rule of thumb” would be, if it does not feel right, don't do it-trust your instincts.
Avoid planning your trip to arrive at the destination at night time.
Let your friends and family know ahead about your plans and area of destination and contact details etc.
Keep in contact with a friend or family throughout the trip
Find out taxi fares before getting into one and be sure the driving ID matches up.
Blend in with the crowds around you. Wearing expensive and flash clothes draws attention, avoid this.
Keep to open and public places especially at night.
Make sure you have enough of your own identification information but store them separately.
Do not make yourself look vulnerable. Even if you are not sure where you are going, look confident in your walk and aim.
When asking directions or for recommended eating places or social outlets, do not volunteer the information that you are travelling alone. Create an imaginative friend to meet etc.
Plan your route and know it in your head before leaving your accommodation as it makes you look less vulnerable as walking and reading a map en route would definitely make you prone to stalkers etc.

  •     The SINGLE SUPPLEMENT can cost extra. If travelling with a Tour Operator, ask about their methods of matching up with a room partner as this may be something to consider if you do not mind sharing with a stranger.

Also, if you do not mind waiting until last minute to do your booking, Tour operators may sway the single supplement in order to fill spaces.

  •     If GOING INDEPENDENTLY, try to book up in advance your day or two of accommodation to help settle in easier.

Choose a destination that may be less intimidating for the first ever solo trip.
Try to get your footing the first day locally. Mingle in at cafe etc and learn the area.

  •     MEALTIMES may be the loneliest time of the solo trip adventure –only if you let it- use the time to choose prime spot restaurants to observe the scenery and people. Enquire about meal time events if travelling with an organised trip. Find out about dinner time functions if staying at a hotel. Use the opportunity to chat with staff about local festivities and other places of interest, but mostly avoid the urge to shy away to your room for meals.

Here is a helpful link on international travel guides :-|1025892|lonely%20planet%20travel%20guide||S|b|17367708931

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