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Women's Excellence in Bladder in Control Offering New Medication Samples and Trials to Treat Overactive Bladder (OAB) Symptoms in Women.


The practitioners of Women's Excellence in Bladder Control help women everyday find OAB treatment that is effective, safe, and with the fewest side effects possible.

Lake Orion, MI (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Medications that treat OAB are known collectively as “anticholinergics”. These medications reduce symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, and urge incontinence but also have side effects including dry mouth, constipation, and urinary retention which can also cause complications. At Women's Excellence in Bladder Control, their specialty is to treat women with OAB and other urinary disorders. The practitioners of Women's Excellence in Bladder Control work with these medications on a daily basis and know how to prescribe them and guide the patient in making the best possible decisions regarding how to treat OAB symptoms.

The practitioners of Women's Excellence in Bladder Control have access to the newest medications on the market to treat OAB and have a great understanding of the generic medications that work for OAB. So no matter what insurance, the patient can be assured that the practitioners of Women's Excellence in Bladder Control can prescribe the best possible option to treat OAB.

Many OAB medications are in the oral pill form but there are also some that come in transdermal form. According to Debbie Henry, NP-C, a nurse practitioner at Women's Excellence in Bladder Control, “Transdermal OAB is a great option for those women who are having a hard time with the side effects of the oral therapies. Side effects are often less with the transdermal forms”. “Further, Women's Excellence is interested in prescribing the best medication for the patient, not the necessarily the most expensive. We are very good at finding something that will work within the patient's budget”, Henry adds.

Women's Excellence also generates prior authorizations in a timely manner to get newer medications approved by insurance companies, when other covered medications fail to provide optimal results. Women's Excellence provides samples and trials prior to prescribing newer medications so that the patient feels no financial burden until the right medication is found. The practitioners at Women's Excellence in Bladder Control are not just interested in how well the medication works on the patient's OAB symptoms, but they are actually interested in how the patient is tolerating the therapy. If the side effects are not tolerable for that patient, a new agent can be tried.

The practitioners of Women's Excellence in Bladder Control are experts in the treatment of female OAB and have a vast understanding of the medications that can best help with the symptoms. Henry concluded, “At Women's Excellence, we pride ourselves at individualizing every patient's care. Not only must the agent work well but it must be tolerable”.

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, Women's Excellence is the most comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic office in Michigan specializing in minimally invasive surgical procedures, treatment of female urinary incontinence and other female urological conditions, as well as minimally invasive vaginal and pelvic organ prolapse conditions. The knowledgeable, well trained, compassionate physicians and healthcare providers of Women's Excellence are now accepting new patients. Call for an appointment today or visit

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