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Preferred Church Insurers of North Carolina See Local Churches Investing in Risk Management


With a rise in Risk Management, church members are being urged to always protect themselves by building an effective safety ministry.

Winston Salem, NC (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

At Preferred Church Insurers of North Carolina, the most important question the business asks growing church congregations, schools, and other non-profit organizations is whether they are truly prepared to manage risks and liability in their organization. The company provides church insurance coverage for these special groups, and ensures the protection of church organizations, staff, and assets. When a church congregation makes the decision to establish a safety ministry, the company encourages them to follow three basic concepts for maximum effectiveness.

The first concept is value. The value of each member of a congregation, as well as the facilities in the care of the church, must first be considered before their safety and security can truly be ensured. Church leaders must be shepherds to their congregation, and by showing concern for each member's safety, the leaders effectively demonstrate their love. Don't simply let the threat of lawsuits or other legal issues motivate the congregation to act - attempt to educate the congregation to stop these threats before they start.

As a second concept, Preferred Church Insurers of North Carolina promotes Team-building. By creating a specific team dedicated to safety and security, congregation leaders can identify who is best qualified to assist in an emergency situation. Whether these members possess specific emergency training, legal or insurance expertise, or simply have the right personalities for a specific job, taking careful consideration when assembling this group allows leaders to directly catalog the varying skills of their congregation and effectively utilize these skills if an emergency arises. Remember, planning ahead for risk and danger isn't pessimistic, it's logical.

The third most important concept is work. Once the safety and security team gets to work, they should identify and catalog areas of specific risk in a church building or grounds. This process is facilitated by Preferred Church Insurers of North Carolina by providing their clients with specialized checklists and critical policy reference sheets.Team organization should include between three and eight members depending on congregation size. Leaders should identify persons with former military, emergency, or police training, as well as legal and insurance expertise.

About the company:
Preferred Church Insurers was founded in 1996 to meet the insurance needs of churches, non-profit organizations, and private and parochial schools across North Carolina. Preferred Church Insurers maintains long-term relationships with their clients and continually evaluates insurance customer's needs to ensure that their customers remain adequately protected as each customer's businesses and insurance needs evolve. For more information, please visit their website at

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