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'How to Put Your Whole Self In' Offers '101' Notes for Better Living


Doctor Don Says Goodness is Contagious and Potentially Ubiquitous.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

After spending decades researching spiritual and intellectual truths to maximize well-being, Dr. Don Huntington has compiled his findings in a new book, “How to Put Your Whole Self In: 101 Instructions on Becoming Good for Yourself, Good for Others, & Good for Heaven's Sake,” (

“I wrote the book because I have experienced the negativity and vulnerability that seem to affect so many, and I can offer relief,” says Huntington, who has three degrees in theological studies and is editorial director of two publications based in Northern California. “Negative attitudes had power over me because I was insecure in my own feelings about myself.”

The pages of “How To Put Your Whole Self In” (, offer simple but effective methods of engaging with others and with life. Designed to be read as a daily devotional, if desired, each two-page instruction opens with a quote from a noted philosophical or spiritual leader. Dr. Don explains how the instruction can be applied in daily life, and closes with exercises to put the idea into action.

“As I read through the instructions in this book, I found myself filling pages of notes with Don's wisdom, insight and life applications that I just couldn't wait to share with friends and family (or others),” writes reviewer Dana Jeglum. “I found myself laughing, tearing up, getting chills, yelling ‘Amens,' and occasionally chasing my husband around the house saying ‘Oh, you just have to read this.' ”

Rotary Club President Fred Ehler writes:

“Don Huntington's new book offers a joyful review of life's path. He blends his experience with thoughtful historical and Biblical references. His sometimes whimsical approach provides a guide to a quality life.”

About Dr. Donald Huntington

Dr. Don Huntington is the editorial director of two Northern California lifestyle publications, "110° Magazine," which he co-founded in 2003, and "86° Magazine," which he co-founded in 2011. He has three degrees in theological studies and was a pastor and missionary for eight years. He was an information developer in California's Silicon Valley for nearly 20 years, and operated a typesetting and consulting business. Huntington worked as an information specialist and documentation writer in hi-tech companies, including, most recently, Lucent Technologies.

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