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Drivefleet Announces New Online Driver Training Courses Targeted at Drivers Needing Short Refresher or Remedial Training


Drivefleet's four new target courses: Proactive Driving, Speed Management, Intersections, and Sharing the Road with Others are short, focused online driver training courses for drivers that need refresher training on specific topics.

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

Today Drivefleet, a leading provider of online fleet driver training, announced the introduction of four new courses: Proactive Driving, Speed Management, Intersections, and Sharing the Road with Others. These courses are designed for fleet drivers that in need of refresher training on a specific topic such as those recently involved in a crash or who have violated an organization's fleet policy.

Proactive Driving focuses on the three keys of proactive driving: proper scanning, communicating effectively with others, and maintaining a cushion-of-safety.

Speed Management focuses on driving at an appropriate speed, understanding speed limits, adjusting speed for various conditions, and managing weight transfer and traction.

Intersections focuses on proactively handling intersections, understanding right-of-way rules, and exercising good judgment in a variety of intersection situations.

Sharing the Road with Others focuses on being a proactive driver around other drivers, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, slow moving vehicles and animals.

These new target courses complement Drivefleet's current comprehensive courses, which consist of multiple topics in a longer format course. The comprehensive courses are designed for new hire drivers as well as existing drivers that are in need of more in-depth driver training.

Drivefleet's online driver training courses, which start at less than $20, are all web-based so drivers can access them anytime, anywhere, from any internet connected computer.

Drivefleet is a leading provider of online driver training programs for commercial fleets and anyone who drives on behalf of an organization. We offer a full complement of courses from defensive driving to distracted driving to eco-driving and more. Drivefleet's courses truly engage students through interactive exercises and multimedia activities to make the learning experience more enriching. Better learning makes better drivers.

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