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P.E.D. Products Adds New Functions and Wide-Angle Option for the ActionCam


P.E.D. Products has implemented new user configurable features and well as a Wide-Angle option to the already feature packed, fully capable ActionCam.

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) October 24, 2012

The smallest HD action video camera on the market, the ActionCam has just become easier to use and even more versatile with the addition of the new user configurable features; Easy On/Record and Flip Video functions. Using the new configuration tool, the (2) new parameters can now be quickly and easily set and saved to the camera. Turning on the Easy On/Record function allows the camera to be able to be turned "On" and put into the "Video Record" mode all with the push of one button. This means the user can pretty much perform this function without looking or the need to have assistance from someone else. Like those instances when the user is by themselves or has the camera in an awkward location.

The next feature, Flip Video, once again allows the camera to be configured such that, if the camera is mounted upside down, the video will automatically flipped for proper viewing. Even with a video camera as small as the ActionCam, it's not always possible or convenient to mount the camera in the normal orientation; one example would be when mounting to a Shotgun. The bottom of the barrel in much better than the top so as to not interfere with the sites.

P.E.D. Products also just released a Wide-Angle option for the ActionCam. The new Wide-Angle lens has a field of view of 120 degrees. See HERE for sample video. Customers now have an option based on their use and preference. It's hard to believe all these great features in such a small package and with such great quality as well.

The ActionCam is an ultra small action video camera that produces high quality true HD 720P video. Small enough and rugged enough, it can be mounted almost anywhere; it's a fraction the size of it's competition and only weighs 1.2 ozs!! It allows you to capture all your Action Videos, here are just a few of the uses people are using the ActionCam for; Car Racing, Motorcycle Racing, BMX Bikes, Cycling, Skiing, Hang Gliding, Hunting, RC Cars & Boats, Rock Climbing, etc. Whatever your passion.

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