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Do 90% of Business Strategies Really Fail?


Intrafocus launches “SEVEN” into the UK market. A seven step process to help organisations develop successful strategic objectives and key performance indicators.

Winchester (PRWEB UK) 24 October 2012

The aptly named SEVEN has been introduced to help reduce the well-known business statistic that 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategies. Further analysis makes it quite clear that a huge effort is put into the definition of strategic imperatives and hardly any effort into strategic execution and measurement. In other words, we all get excited about great ideas, but few of us want to get down to the business of implementation.

“The key is to be really clear about what you are trying to achieve,” say Intrafocus. “Strategy, by its very nature is vague. To succeed, very clear objectives and measurements need to be put in place and ownership assigned”.

It may all seem a bit business 101, but the reality is companies rarely take the time to do this. That is why Intrafocus has launched “SEVEN”.

SEVEN makes the assumption that a business strategy has already been defined. “We would not presume to help organisations with their strategy,” say Intrafocus. “They know their business far better than us”. SEVEN, through seven simple steps breaks the strategy down to a set of clearly defined objectives and measurements. These in turn are further refined to determine what is good, bad and indifferent when measurements are taken.

With clearly defined business objectives and metrics, organisations can then take advantage of specialist corporate performance management (CPM) software for the all-important task of implementation and management. The Intrafocus SEVEN process uses the market leading QuickScore product to illustrate how this can be done. However the same principles can apply to other CPM products as well.

Intrafocus is conducting a world-wide Business Scorecard Survey which will remain open until the end of November.

About Intrafocus
Intrafocus is a business performance management software reseller and consultancy. Having invested heavily in lighter-footprint performance management tools they believe that both large and medium sized organisations want to better utilise their existing data rather than implement costly business intelligence solutions.

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