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Newly Street: the new tendon snapping, bloodsoaked ebook from D G Jones


A small terrace like a thousand others, yet something quietly slithers its way into Newly Street. A malignant evil beyond comprehension has come to lay claim to a new kingdom, carved from the flesh of mankind itself. Like moths to a black candle flame; the souls of those long dead are drawn to this unhallowed place, and with them, the squirming abominations that have crawled from the charnel houses of hell itself. Only when events take a sinister, unexpected turn do the eyes of the world turn to Newly Street, and humanity is forced to confront the power of unknown evil face to face…

(PRWEB UK) 24 October 2012

Slicing through bone and tearing through flesh, something has emerged to lay claim the Earth...

Following hard on the booted heels of the number one ebook political thriller THE MACHINE comes Newly Street, the never before published 2003 novel from award-winning anarchist occult horror writer D. G. Jones: a disturbing fusion of Lovecraftian horror and existential dread. Written in four distinctive parts that seek to explore urban isolation and the unknown, Newly Street at times keeps the characters and events at a distance, and ultimately, the street becomes the main character...

Warning: contains explicit material, strong violence and occult horror.

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