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Cancer Network Explores Drivers of High Cost of Cancer Care - and the Effects on Patients


NORWALK, Conn., Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- UBM Medica US announces that Cancer Network and journal ONCOLOGY are presenting a two part series "The Cost of Cancer Care" which unravels the complex dynamics that have resulted in the skyrocketing costs of cancer care.

In the first article oncologist Dr. David Eagle tells the story of a patient who quite likely would have had his risk of a recurrence of his cancer reduced significantly by the new drug imatinib (Gleevec)—but who had to forgo this potentially life-saving treatment solely because of an inability to cover his share of the cost.

Although the soaring price of new oncology pharmaceuticals has received much attention, Dr. Eagle identifies this as just one of the chief drivers of rising oncology costs. Other important cost drivers include:

  • The increasing prevalence of cancer, which is related to the aging of the population
  • The provision of more aggressive care
  • Longer patient survival and longer duration of active treatment
  • Increasing provision of care in the hospital outpatient setting

Dr. Eagle's article—following ONCOLOGY's unique and long popular format—is accompanied by two short commentaries in which other experts weigh in on the topic in question. Here, the commentators examine how incentives inherent in current healthcare financing arrangements have inadvertently led to high-cost cancer treatments.

Part II of "The Cost of Cancer Care," which will appear in the November issue of ONCOLOGY, will examine measures that might be taken to reduce costs while minimizing any diminishment of the quality of care or access to it. 

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