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Hand Baggage Allowances Vary Considerably Depending on the Airline You Travel With, Finds Send My Bag


LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - Oct. 31, 2012) - In response to expensive fees for checked bags, many passengers now rely on travelling with only hand baggage and this has led to increased confusion, says Send My Bag, the provider of simple and affordable luggage shipping. Depending on the carrier you are flying with, the maximum weight allowance can vary from 10 kgs to a significantly more generous 23 kgs. In addition, some airlines rule just on size rather than weight, which can be difficult for passengers to understand. Send My Bag advises travellers to investigate the option of having their bags transported separately rather than attempting to compute these complicated differences.

The 'no frills' airlines are able to remain profitable by the additional charges made on top of the air fare, one of which is baggage. This has led to many passengers opting to travel with carry-on bags only, but the allowance can vary significantly. Ryanair's cabin allowance stipulates a maximum dimension of 55x40x20 cm and 10 kgs, similar to rival Easyjet, which offers marginally more substantial specifications of 56x45x25 cm and has no weight restriction, as long as the bag can be lifted into the aircraft's overhead lockers. Exceeding these allowances can result in extortionate fees for excess baggage shipping.

However, with full service airlines, where the fare may be more expensive, the hand baggage rules are more generous. British Airways offers a whopping 23 kgs maximum weight, in addition to one laptop or handbag. Virgin Atlantic offers a limit of 6 kgs but this increases according to different travel classes for flights.

Adam Ewart, founder of Send My Bag, comments, "The rules for on-board baggage can be very confusing, and as a result we are seeing an increase in customers turning away from this and looking to a baggage shipping provider like ourselves as an alternative. Shipping their luggage in advance removes any stress in terms of frustration over allowances, inability to travel with liquids and risk of fines for exceeding size or weight limits. Travelling should be a fun experience, and we want to remove any strain caused by understanding the various rules around baggage allowances by avoiding it all together."

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