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Health and Safety Website Asks: Do You have the Right Winter Products for Your Business?


LEAMINGTON SPA, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 31, 2012) - Winters are notoriously cold in the UK. That's why one website has encouraged businesses to prepare for the nippy spell by investing in the right supplies.

According to, products such as sandbags, anti-slip mats and road salt can be bought in bulk and are a must-have for any workplace. They help to keep staff, visitors and general members of the public safe and can be stored and used for a long period of time.

Matt Hornsby, a spokesman for the site, said: "The British summer might have been a washout, but the cold spell is on its way, so it's essential to prepare. Businesses are often caught out by the first hard frost or sprinklings of snow and a lack of organisation can put people's lives in danger."

He continued: "One of the best ways to get ready for the dark months ahead is to invest in the right safety equipment including de-icing salt, snow shovels and snow ploughs. Doing so will help companies sail through the cold months with ease and ensure members of staff can cope if the weather turns nasty."

The health and safety website has also urged businesses to think about how and where they keep their supplies. Storing deicing salt in salt bins, for instance, will keep the salt dry and help it last throughout the chilly season and beyond. On the same note, all products should be easily accessible, so that employers know where to find everything in an emergency.

To help companies buy health and safety products in the UK, has highlighted the benefits of a risk assessment. This is thorough and legally-required procedure which enables business owners to identify the hazards within their workplace and stock up on the right equipment.

"Every employer should carry out a risk assessment of their premises before the onset of winter", said Hornsby. "It's a careful examination of what, at work, could cause harm to people and allows simple safety measures to be introduced".

The advice from the website echoes that of the Health and Safety Executive, which stresses the importance of regular safety inspections. The site offers a short guide on how to carry out a risk assessment and is ideal for companies looking to improve their safety standards.

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