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Canton Chiropractor Promotes ChiroThin Medical Weight Loss Program


CANTON, Ohio, Oct. 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canton chiropractor Dr. Nathan Sikora and chiropractor Dr. Michael James, announced that the Center for Holistic Medicine now offers the ChiroThin weight loss program. The program is designed to help patients lose weight through dietary/behavioral modification, and a natural supplement to increase metabolism for fast weight loss. According to the chiropractors, this weight loss program is effective because it helps patients make long-term lifestyle changes without starving their bodies. There are no special diets, exercise regimens, nutritional shakes or expensive diet food.

The Center for Holistic Medicine, a chiropractic and whole person wellness center, is now offering patients the ChiroThin medical weight loss program.

"The ChiroThin program is truly a breakthrough for successful medical weight loss," said Canton chiropractor Dr. Nathan Sikora. "In just six weeks, this program can help patients lose weight quickly, without any complicated diets, expensive diet food, or unappetizing nutritional shakes."

The ChiroThin program incorporates long-term lifestyle modifications with the ChiroThin supplement. The physician-created formula is designed to boost metabolism while suppressing hunger cravings and detoxifying the body. The odorless, tasteless drops are placed beneath the tongue, where it is quickly absorbed into the body.

"Over time, a diet of processed foods can fill our bodies with toxins that block metabolism and cause illness," said chiropractor Dr. James. "The ChiroThin supplement supports natural detox and purification, removing toxins that contribute to illness and weight gain."

According to the chiropractors, the program is successful because it does not starve a patient's body or require unrealistic and difficult diets.

"Other weight loss programs fail because they starve the body, depriving it of vital nutrients," said Dr. James. "While food deprivation can lead to weight loss, it also kills the metabolism. As soon as individuals return to their normal eating habits, they immediately gain weight. The ChiroThin supplement prevents this from happening. It supports a healthy metabolism while naturally suppressing hunger and food cravings."

The chiropractor says that patients using ChiroThin experience rapid, healthy weight loss without mood swings, irritability or hunger cravings. The wellness program also includes nutritional and behavioral counseling, to help patients identify and correct unhealthy patterns of eating. A full body detox prepares patients to live a healthier, more active life at their ideal weight.

"In 42 days, female patients lose between two to three dress sizes," said Dr. Sikora. "Male patients typically lose between 25 and 35 pounds. These results are most impressive because they last. Thanks to our nutrition and behavioral counseling, patients are able to successfully make lifestyle changes that support their weight loss."

In addition to offering the ChiroThin weight loss and detox program, the Canton chiropractors also provide comprehensive wellness care. These services include chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, yoga and Pilates.

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