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Pet Laser Treatments Offers Important Feline Health Benefits, Says Cumming Cat Veterinarian


CUMMING, Ga., Oct. 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cumming cat veterinarian Dr. Maureen Singh is educating pet owners about the benefits of veterinary laser therapy for cat and kitten wellness. Dr. Singh recommends the FDA approved Class IV laser for the treatment of arthritis and joint injuries as well as a traumatic injury, wound or inflammatory condition. Cat laser therapy is also effective for treating skin conditions, including lacerations, burns, insect bites, cystitis, feline acne and lick granuloma. According to Dr. Singh, treatments reduce inflammation, promote healing and increase endorphin levels for natural pain relief.

ValueCare Cat Wellness Clinic in Cumming, GA now offers veterinary laser therapy for treating arthritis, joint injuries, inflammation, and common feline skin conditions.

According to Cumming cat veterinarian Dr. Maureen Singh, the FDA approved Class IV laser is an effective alternative to more invasive procedures, like surgery.

"Laser therapy is an extremely effective treatment for promoting long-term cat and kitten wellness while also relieving chronic pain," said Dr. Singh.

Dr. Singh is specially trained in the use of Lite Cure Companion Laser Therapy for both continuous and pulsed treatments. She uses a laser wand that targets light photons deep into damaged or injured tissue.

Continuous therapy is used to treat inflammation and injuries. Energy from the laser penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, stimulating the flow of oxygenated blood, increasing circulation and increasing the level of endorphins in the body. This helps to reduce inflammation and speed the recovery process following an injury.

Feline laser treatments may be beneficial in treating a variety of skin conditions, including cystitis, feline acne, lacerations and burns, insect bites, and lick granuloma. Pulsed laser treatments may help reduce chronic and acute pain. The laser pulse interferes with the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

"Whether a cat is suffering from a chronic health condition like arthritis or has sustained a traumatic injury, pulsed laser treatments are extremely effective for relieving pain," said Dr. Singh. "Some of our patients even begin purring during a treatment session or fall asleep because they finally are able to receive real pain relief!"

Dr. Singh frequently recommends laser treatments for older cats that suffer from arthritis as part of geriatric care.

"No cat should ever be in pain," said Dr. Singh. "Thanks to feline laser treatments, our older cat patients are able to relax and enjoy life without suffering from joint problems due to arthritis."

ValueCare Cat Wellness Clinic is one of the one Cumming animal clinics to offer laser treatments at an affordable price for cats in Alpharetta, Suwanee, Roswell and Deluth. In addition to cat and kitten wellness care, the clinic also provides spay and neuter operations, vaccinations, dental care and ValueCare cat wellness packages.

"Our goal is to help all cats live a long, healthy and active life," said Dr. Singh.

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