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Fargo Chiropractor Prescribes Orthotics for Foot Pain Relief


FARGO, N.D., Oct. 28, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Fargo chiropractor is helping local sufferers of foot pain and leg pain by prescribing and creating customized orthotic footwear. According to Dr. Paul Bekkum of All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic Center, these corrective devices work by providing extra support to fallen arches and evening out unequal weight distribution that leads to chronic musculoskeletal pain of the lower extremities and on up the spine. "We have found that many symptoms which have plagued our patients for years can be corrected quite literally from the ground up," says Dr. Bekkum. "Orthotics restore the body's natural musculoskeletal system balance." 

The clinic focuses on pain management, especially for legs and feet. Dr. Bekkum has performed sports medicine services for athletes such as the NDSU rodeo team. "Athletes put tremendous strain on their musculoskeletal systems, and the feet are the primary weight-bearing structures. But you don't have to lead an athletic lifestyle to suffer from leg pain or foot pain."

Dr. Bekkum explains that even extensive walking and standing can eventually lead to pain the lower extremities, especially if an underlying physical misalignment is present. "Many people have spinal and extremity subluxations or congenital abnormalities such as flat feet or legs of slightly unequal length. These problems may go undetected for years, creating chronic pain." He adds that plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the foot's ligaments, is one such abnormality. Hip, knee or ankle pain may also occur. 

Orthotic footwear is intended to correct such issues. Dr. Bekkum explains that by evaluating patients' symptoms and taking detailed musculoskeletal measurements, his clinic's outside laboratory is able to construct customized footwear that will compensate for alignment problems that spinal and extremity adjustments or other therapies cannot fully resolve on their own. Patients must use their orthotics as exclusively as possible, however, to fully benefit from the pain management and symptom relief these devices offer. 

Custom orthotics, with their precise fit and attention to detail, typically cost more than store-bought inserts. Dr. Bekkum points out that the level of correction and pain relief they provide make them worthwhile for many patients, and that his clinic can refurbish or modify existing orthotics.

"We encourage patients to bring us their worn-out orthotics for reconditioning," he says. "This service can be performed for just $50 and gives them a 'like-new' pair. If their feet have changed slightly and need refurbishing to take those changes into account, we can take new measurements and incorporate the changes into a new pair of orthotics for $100." The Fargo chiropractor adds that the orthotics need not have originated at his clinic to qualify for this work, which is guaranteed for six months: "We just want to ease people's pain." 

In addition to orthotics, All Seasons Full Body Chiropractic provides spinal and extremity adjustments, manual therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation for Fargo patients. Visitors can go to their Facebook page for updates.

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