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Jacksonville Law Firm Launches New Criminal Law Web Site


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 31, 2012 ) Jacksonville, Florida -- Easy to use, easy to understand and it offers instant access to legal information. The Musca Law website combines state of the art technology with the wisdom of over a hundred years of experience of legal practice in Florida and the Jacksonville area.

Musca Law is well known in the Jacksonville area, in particular for its outstandingly successful criminal law defense practice. Its team of lawyers are dedicated to criminal defense, and they are ready, willing and able to fight just about any Jacksonville Criminal Attorneys charge that a person can face in Florida.

They have a strong innocent until proved guilty' stance, and will fight every step of the way to prove their client's innocence, leaving no stone unturned in their determination to achieve a Not guilty verdict. Unlike many other law firms and sole practitioner lawyers in the Jacksonville area, Musca Law operates on a team based approach, and they will accumulate every resource to give an accused person the best chance of winning his or her case.

Although they practise widely across criminal law, they have some significant areas of specialty as well. For instance if a case of drunken driving gets registered, then Musca Law scrutinises both sides of the incident. At Musca Law, their philosophy is that there is always more to the story than what meets the eye. They will put the "prosecution case" under the microscope. Were correct procedures followed? Was it reasonable for the police to stop you and test the person accused? Was the test properly executed? Musca Law knows exactly how to aggressively defend DUI/DWI cases so that a person accused of this offense has the very best chance of walking free.

Another important area of expertise is crimes of violence, including assault, battery, and robbery. This is often treated by law firms as a kind of Cinderella area, where the least experienced attorney cut their teeth and sometimes learn at the expense of the defendant. Not at Musca Law. Musca Law believes that all the citizens of the Jacksonville area deserve the very best defense, even if the crime of which they are accused of does not arouse much sympathy.

After all, you are innocent until proved guilty, and Musca Law tries it's very best to enforce it. If you are found guilty despite all their best efforts, the team at Musca Law are great at putting the defendant's side of the story, so that the judge and jury can understand how a person got themselves into that bad situation, and can feel sympathy for the defendant which will help achieve a lighter sentence.

Another very useful legal service for Jacksonville area citizens is having old criminal charges expunged from a person's record. Anyone having problems getting employment because of things which happened a long time ago in the past, and which have been over and done with for many years, can get help in having themselves expunged by Musca Law (Jacksonville DUI Lawyers), so that a fresh start can be made..

Having criminal charges against you is a serious and frightening business, but it's one which people don't have to, and indeed shouldn't, face on their own. Whatever trouble a person is in, they deserve the best defense, one which understands Florida criminal law inside and out. Musca Law will stand by anyone who is in trouble with the law, and get them the very best possible outcome.

The new web site at gives a lot of information which will help people understand what their options are. They can even interact with a legal adviser online. The lawyers at Musca Law are available 24/7 for free legal consultation. They can be contacted on 800 687 2252, or by visiting their web site at There's no need for people in the Jacksonville area to worry if they or any of their family member are in trouble with the law, when Musca Law is there to help them through thick and thin.

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Musca Law

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