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Mold Removal Experts, AdvantaClean of Greenville SC, Recommend Mold Assessment After Water Leak in the Home


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 26, 2012 ) Greenville, SC If a home owner has ever awakened in the middle of the night to a burst water pipe or water leak and found their selves standing in an inch of water they know how devastating the clean-up can be. Most homeowners will repair the water leak problem, vacuum up the water, maybe have the carpet cleaned and then try to forget about the mess. Lurking in the carpet or along the baseboards or in the floorboards could be a silent invader. One that doesnt present itself usually until there is such an event. That invader is mold.

The experts at AdvantaClean of Greenville recommend that homeowners be vigilant after such a catastrophic water event, whether the homeowner has cleaned up the water and repaired the water damage their selves or had a professional water damage restoration company do the work. Mold just needs a little water to firmly plant itself and spread throughout the house. The experts advise that a mold inspection may be warranted to prevent the invasion.

The professionals at AdvantaClean of Greenville are experts in water damage restoration and mold remediation. Owner Chris Herman has seen it all. He knows how mold grows and he knows that even just a little moisture, like condensation on a window sill can get the mold started. Early detection is the key to prevent the large scale invasion that mold can undertake after a water event like a burst pipe, drain back-up, roof leak or natural flood. Mold removal in Greenville is his specialty and he has the knowledge and the tools to get the home back into pre-flood shape as quickly as possible. For more information on Hermans credentials and experience, visit or call 864-607-9001.

For homeowners who have suffered a devastating water event, they can call the experts at AdvantaClean of Greenville for the clean-up or if the customer chooses to do the clean-up their selves, and mold is detected later, they can call Herman and his staff to the rescue for expert mold removal services. But the key is to look for any sign of mold such as black dots appearing on the walls or a white, crusty material along the baseboards or even that distinct smell that mold emits as it is feeding off of materials containing cellulose like wall paper, drywall paper or wood floor boards. If any of these early signs are detected, the homeowner is encouraged to call an expert mold removal company for an assessment. For more information on AdvantaClean of Greenville and the services that they offer, visit or call 864-607-9001.

About AdvantaClean of Greenville:
AdvantaClean of Greenville is the premier mold removal and water damage restoration company in Greenville, SC and the surrounding area. They specialize in mold removal and water damage restoration services and they can be reached twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to provide mold removal and water damage restoration service when disaster strikes.

Chris Herman
AdvantaClean of Greenville
Greenville, SC
Phone: 864-607-9001


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