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Arthritis Drug Side Effects Have Sufferers Trying New Options at Joint Support 24-7


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 25, 2012 ) Salt Lake City, Utah - It's gotten so bad today that comedians are even incorporating arthritis drug side effect jokes into their standup routines. For people who suffer from joint pain and have to endure them though, there's nothing funny at all.

In fact, if the people in the audience laughing only knew that some arthritis drug side effects can produce fatal consequences perhaps they might not see the humor in these kind of jokes. The problem is that it's only in recent years with the advent of the Internet that information about them has become readily available.

Prior to that, sufferers of joint discomfort had to rely on their doctors informing them or obtain topic-related printed material as they do their own research, and back then it wasn't easy to do.

So fast-forward to today, more and more patients suffering from painful joints are now discovering that there are options out there - alternatives to standard prescribed therapies they can be just as effective - only without the side effects.

For most joint pain sufferers who are on a quest to find relief from mainstream drug therapy side effects, their path leads them to natural herbal products. At the same time though, authorities on the subject have their own set of warnings regarding many of these types of so-called 'benign natural' joint pain treatments.

One of their primary warnings is to beware of products purchased online, most of which come from overseas sources. They'll tell consumers that in spite of what the label says, in many cases natural herbal supplements bought from websites based in Asian countries, in particular, can contain harsh substances that have their own set of side effects.

The good news here, nonetheless, is that US-based laboratories have been busy at work researching, testing and blending natural joint discomfort remedies that are made under FDA oversight. So they're safe, and finding testimonials published by people who are using them is easy online.

Also the fact that some of these newer domestically-produced natural joint pain treatment products with names like Joint Support 24-7 are touted as treating the cause, rather than the symptoms, is also working to catch more people's attention.

In the end though, one common thread that seems to run through the majority of sufferers with painful joints today is that they are losing faith in pharmaceutical companies. People, in general, are starting to wonder if perhaps pharmaceutical companies have been holding back on real information on joint discomfort treatments to boost profits on drugs that only treat the symptoms. is home to a new scientifically formulated, triple-strength, all-natural anti-inflamatory joint relief supplement that contains a unique proven blend of 16 of the highest grade natural "Super Food" ingredients. These work together to reduce joint inflammation and relieve joint pain - while comforting and supporting the joints - enabling joint pain sufferers to get active and enjoy life again.

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Jennifer Octavio

Jennifer Octavio

Jennifer Octavio


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