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A Nashville Plumbing Repair Company, Greenway Home Services, Recommends Installing a Water Softener to Add Life to Plumbing and Water Using Appliances


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 24, 2012 ) Nashville, TN Whether one lives in the city and has water piped into the residence or one lives in the country and the water supply comes from a well, if the water is hard (full of rust or calcium) it can clog up water lines and damage many water using appliances in the home. Installing a water softener may add longer life to plumbing and water-consumable household appliances like water heaters, washers, dishwashers, humidifiers, etc.

Hard water generally contains calcium, rust and magnesium and while in and of itself is not a health risk, it is a risk to ones appliances. Hard water also makes detergents less effective and can leave residue on dishes or clothes or anywhere that detergents are used. For more information one should visit the Greenway Home Services plumbing repair and Plumbing Installation website at or call 615-970-3354 and speak to one of their friendly and knowledgeable service staff .

Technicians at Greenway have been on countless water heater service calls where the culprit turns out to be hard water. They have also been on appliance repair calls where the jets on ones dishwasher, for example, are clogged causing the dishwasher to not rinse properly leaving detergent on the dishes. The clothes washer can also quit pumping water due to these hard deposits building up on internal parts. Hard water does not clean clothes as well as soft water and can cause damage to delicate fabrics leading to expensive replacement of cherished garments. In the shower, one can even feel the residue left on the skin when using hard water and no matter how much one rinses off, the skin just doesnt feel clean.

If a homeowner suspects that their water is hard, a test kit can be purchased at the local hardware store or one can call a plumbing expert like those at Greenway Home Services for a quick evaluation and assessment. If an the water heater is plugged deposits, the plumbing technicians can replace the hot water heater and also install a water softer. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Greenway Home Services Nashville, one can call 615-970-3354 or visit

About Greenway Home Services:
As a company, Greenway strives to not only meet their customers expectations in appliance repair, plumbing repair and heating and air-conditioning repair, but to exceed them with exceptional service. Greenway Home Services now runs over 40,000 calls a year, has two locations, one in Nashville and one in Memphis, and has a team of over 100 dedicated staff members.

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