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Mzinga Announces OmniSocial Engaged


Mzinga® (, a leading provider of enterprise social software solutions and services serving the learning, marketing and customer experience markets, today announced the release of OmniSocial® Engaged. OmniSocial Engaged is a flexible social business platform that helps enterprises connect with target audiences on a deeper level to drive website traffic, amplify customer and buyer loyalty, and increase customer satisfaction.

OmniSocial Engaged can be easily branded, configured, and deployed to match customers' unique business needs in creating a seamless social ecosystem -- either as a private or public site, or as integrated applications within existing web environments or as a custom social solution through Developer APIs.

The new release supports buyers through three different solution sets designed to meet target audience needs:

  • For Enthusiasts
    Organizations can connect fans, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and those with shared experiences by creating a community that delivers value by building demand to reach new audiences, increase opportunities for revenue generation, and create a base of passionate, engaged fans and buyers.
  • For Brands
    With an OmniSocial Engaged solution, brands can harness the power of online conversations to develop a compelling brand image, accelerate innovation through crowdsourcing, acquire intelligence for market research, increase market demand to drive sales and motivate and engage members.
  • For Support
    OmniSocial Engaged helps reduce support costs, increase customer satisfaction, gain valuable customer insights, enables peer-to-peer support and customer collaboration.

Features & Functionality

OmniSocial Engaged offers a self service solution which allows businesses to easily implement and integrate social applications and widgets into existing web properties, Facebook pages, business applications or deployed as a stand-alone, branded solution. With easy-to-use administration controls, OmniSocial Engaged administrators benefit from intuitive configurability and management across all their OmniSocial environments.

Additional features and functions, such as banned and watch word filters, user permissions, and moderation queue dashboard, are designed for community managers and moderators to help automate the removal of harmful content, manage content, and ensure that users adhere to the Terms of Service. Content can also be organized in multiple ways, by folders, categories, and tags, to allow users to find the content they are looking for in a more logical and intuitive way. Other features such as recognition and reward badging and assignable icons allows community managers to reward their most valuable users by assigning badges such as top contributors, engaged member, or influential member.

With social analytics and reporting, enterprises can measure community success and return on their OmniSocial Engaged investment by analyzing and reporting on key community features such as logins and registration, traffic and page views, popular application and topics, member engagement and influence, search terms and much more.

“Organizations today are looking to not only reshape their brand image, but they are looking for a solution that will completely change how they interact with customers to build and support those relationships,” said Mike Merriman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Mzinga. “OmniSocial Engaged takes advantage of the changing landscape of brand marketing, support and enthusiast communities to meet the growing market demand.”

OmniSocial Engaged is available immediately. The full feature list and pricing is available upon request.

About Mzinga

Mzinga is a leading provider of enterprise social software solutions and services serving the learning, marketing and support markets for employees, customers and partners. Through a combination of enterprise-class technology, strategy and online moderation services, Mzinga's social solutions enable businesses to increase revenue and lower costs by improving brand visibility, employee performance, workplace satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, Mzinga empowers millions of users at many of the world's largest organizations in 160 countries worldwide.

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