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CGDA: China in Urgent Need of Game Talents


China Game Developers' Awards (CGDA), in its fourth year, is the only award targeting China's game development industry and the only award that encourages and discovers game talents with its “Amateur Category” awards.

The Amateur Category currently covers three awards, namely the Best 2D Game Art Design Award, the Best 3D Game Art Design Award and the Best Game Creativity Award. It selects amateur candidates nationwide and invites the top international experts as judges.

It is reported that the CGDA Amateur Category has gained great attention from various game companies. The winners were usually employed by China's best game companies impressed by their excellent performance in the competition before their graduation. Among the previous winners, except for a few engaged in other industries due to personal reasons, most of them are the most promising employees in game companies both at home and abroad.

Candidate evaluation is currently underway for this year's CGDA. According to the organizer, Howell International, the number of Amateur Category applications increased this year, mostly attributable to its growing reputation in the game and education industries. China's colleges and education organizations, having realized the significant influences of CGDA on the students' learning accomplishments and job hunting, have been encouraging the students' participation in CGDA.

At present, China's game industry is maturing after a rapid growth during the last decade. MMOG, Webgame, SNS game and mobile game each has an established market and massive users. Enjoying high-speed development, most game companies have a huge demand for talents, including a large number of professional game art design talents and professional planning and programming talents.

The CGDA organizer pointed out that China has long been short of game talents. In comparison, the film industry, whose annual revenue is only one fourth of that of the game industry, has established a complete talent system with film colleges, film schools of universities and training organizations around the country.

However, although its history is short, China's game industry has been a highlight among the country's cultural industries and emerging industries, with the state's policy supports and high enthusiasm in the market. The current status reflected by CGDA can be regarded as an opportunity before the completion of China's game talent system.

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