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Anova Technologies acquires New Jersey CLEC certification


Since its inception, Anova Technologies has been recognized as a pioneer and leader in the ultra-low latency exchange connectivity space. At its core an engineering firm, Anova brings a comprehensive approach and two decades of financial technology experience to network deployment strategy. This unique methodology involves a metaview of all the elements as a puzzle, whose endgame is a zero overhead, real-time transporting of trading data across the globe.

In furthering this vision, Anova is pleased to announce its New Jersey CLEC status as of October 4, 2012. CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) initially evolved from the competitive access providers who offered services in competition with ILECs (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers) in the mid 1980's. Nearly two decades later the Telecommunications Act of 1996 passed. It crystallized what had been up until that point a state-by-state authorization process into a uniform national law. The Act also lowered the barrier of entry and opened up ILEC services, thereby stimulating the formation of CLECs. And so, with this certification, Anova will expand its capabilities and further the build-out of its proprietary lowest latency infrastructure connecting the world's financial markets.

“This certification guarantees us access to construct as necessary per our designs,” stated Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies. “Over the next months you are going to see us significantly broaden our network in the East Coast Region.”

CLEC certification offers a host of benefits: peer wholesale relationship with ILECs, the ability to arbitrate in front of public utility commissions and the FCC, clearance to build networks in public and private rights of way, and access to carrier class services and UNEs (unbridled network elements) not available to retail customers.

“Although we didn't set out to build a telecommunications company, it's the inevitable evolution of addressing our clients' needs,” continued Mr. Persico. “We've married engineering prowess with carrier access to create our own unique offering through a new brand of company. We've become a “telegineering” firm… which in our opinion, is the best of both worlds.”

About Anova Technologies: Anova Technologies is exclusively concentrated on providing ultra-low latency connectivity to HFT and algorithmic trading clients. Our goal is to symbiotically implement the most up-to-date and best-in-class trading connectivity solutions with unrivaled speed and agility. With the fastest routes connecting the major exchanges throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and now, South America, Anova Technologies consistently delivers the ultimate trifecta to its clients: speed, accessibility and easy deployment.

Anova Technologies
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