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Sococo Team Space Offers Breakthrough Communication Experience for Enterprise Customers


Sococo, the Social Communications Company, today announced its flagship product, Team Space, an innovative communications service and virtual workspace for the enterprise and SMB, is now equipped with new multi-space navigation features designed for enterprise customers. The new features allow individuals to navigate through multiple virtual team spaces that have been deployed in an enterprise. Team Space, now more than ever, allows teams to communicate easily and naturally throughout the day, making distributed teams feel more connected while increasing team engagement and productivity.

“We're releasing a capability we know is critical to supporting big enterprise deployments that may include dozens of spaces,” said Paul Brody, Founder & CTO, Sococo. “Building on our core technology, we're the first to offer multi-space navigation, allowing individuals and teams to move effortlessly through their virtual enterprise. The end result is a breakthrough communication experience that makes team interactions more natural and fluid.”

Team Space addresses the growing problem of poor engagement among remote and distributed team members by providing a spatial UI that gives users a bird's eye view of their virtual office where users can see, at a glance, who is around and what's going on. Within this office, users can easily and naturally connect with their team regardless of physical location. The Team Space experience results in team members actually feeling more connected and engaged. In addition to the release of new multi-space switching capabilities, Sococo has enhanced its core suite of Team Space features, which now include video, audio, chat, screen sharing and international language support.

“The rise of the distributed workforce has resulted in many workers feeling disconnected from their teams, which means workers are less engaged and ultimately less productive,” said David Van Wie, Co-Founder & CEO, Sococo. “Our cloud-based service and spatial UI solves that problem by invoking the office metaphor in a virtual workplace where workers can share experience, knowledge and ideas, even if they're in different cities, states or countries.”

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