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AppNeta Introduces Free Internet Speed Testing Tool


AppNeta, the leading provider of cloud-delivered services for performance management, today announced the release of SpeedCheckr, the most accurate, free tool for testing Internet speed from multiple targets, assuring that users always have the historical performance data they need when performance problems arise.

As network infrastructures become more complex, complaints that “the Internet is slow” continue to increase across organizations. End users have no tolerance for slow websites and poor Internet connectivity. The free SpeedCheckr testing tool can quickly provide the answer to how fast individual network connections are from the user's location, computer and network, out to multiple independent, high-speed targets. Existing free tools are heavily dependent upon the overall end-to-end network latency and thus require many test locations to run effectively.

By contrast, SpeedCheckr is not affected by network latency, allowing users to get much more accurate results that are not impacted by test location. SpeedCheckr runs as a background service and continuously measures performance while the computer is on and connected to the Internet, not just when a user manually runs a test. SpeedCheckr provides detailed visual charts of the most recent performance data, including data loss and latency, total available network bandwidth, utilized bandwidth, and available bandwidth (i.e. how much “room is left” on the network).

“Unlike many free speed testing tools available today, SpeedCheckr offers a truly easy and accurate solution to measure Internet speed and performance,” said Matt Stevens, CTO, AppNeta. “We are excited to bring to the industry a more intelligent, lightweight approach for measuring and continuously monitoring performance so that users can be confident in their results and resolve performance issues quickly.”

More than 10,000 corporate networks today rely on the patented technology from AppNeta featured in the free SpeedCheckr tool. AppNeta's award-winning PathView Cloud network performance management service provides integrated insight from every element of the network performance stack, including active path performance analysis, application-aware traffic flow analysis, automated remote-site packet capture and on-demand device status using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This complete suite delivered from the cloud brings thousands of global customers the fastest time to resolution in the industry and superior End User Experience monitoring.

Free accounts of SpeedCheckr are available today at:

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AppNeta is revolutionizing IT Performance Management with the first cloud-delivered service for integrated, end-to-end visibility across networks and applications. AppNeta delivers an industry-first SaaS portfolio of End User Experience monitoring services with broad, cross application performance visibility and unprecedented network performance insight. AppNeta arms network and application engineers with the end-to-end visibility needed to know how users experience applications across the network.

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