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Harris Katz and Vito Scutero, CEOs and Co-Founders of TekPartners, are Named 2012 Entrepreneurs of the Year


The Business Journals in partnership with Entrepreneurs' Organization of South Florida celebrate those who have built successful businesses from the ground up. Harris Katz and Vito Scutero, CEOs and Co-Founders of TekPartners, were announced as the winners of this award for the Over $50 Million in Revenue category.

During the extensive application and interviewing process, members of the Entrepreneurs' Organization visited various companies to get a deeper look into profitability, ability to adapt their organization successfully to a challenging economy, leadership and management styles, creative thinking process and passion. “In a region driven by the creative business leaders who have turned their dreams into realities that employ people and grow our economy, we truly value new ideas and the brave pioneers that take them forward,” as stated in the South Florida Business Journal.

When Katz and Scutero opened the doors of TekPartners in 2002, the 9/11 attacks were still fresh in people's minds, as was the dot-com bust. While several national staffing firms responded by having mass layoffs, Katz and Scutero identified a competitive advantage to being a first mover in the Florida market: to be in a start-up during the first recession and in growth mode during the worst recession our nation has experienced since the Great Depression. “The staffing business is not a transactional business, it is a people business. Without consistent people in the seats, you cannot be in a position to achieve consistent growth,” states Harris Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of TekPartners. “We have always been and continue to be People helping People.”

TekPartners' ability to keep prices low and customers happy led to an increase in market share and a growth rate of 40-60% over the last four years. These results can be attributed to Katz and Scutero relying on their guts, brains, and hearts – taking chances on people and opportunities that come with a high amount of risk and uncertainty. They strike the perfect balance between risk takers and analytical thinkers. “Our company was started on 100% sweat equity. We have built our company culture around an entrepreneurial spirit that gives our associates as close of an opportunity to being an entrepreneur without the risk. It is why we believe our Core Values tie very closely to the key character traits that define an entrepreneur,” says Vito Scutero, CEO and Co-Founder of TekPartners.

TekPartners, one of the fastest growing private staffing firms in the United States, is a premier provider of highly qualified IT talent to many enterprise organizations. TekPartners was founded based on the following core values: Be the Best, Understand the Urgency, Never Give Up, Have the Courage to Excel, and Make a Contribution. As experts in the industry, our team continues to match qualified talent to the right job opportunity every day. TekPartners has been recognized as the Best Staffing Firm to Work for in the Nation by Staffing Industry Analysts and the #1 IT Consulting Firm in South Florida. For more information, visit our website at

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