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runtastic's New Fitness App Collection Brings the Fun of Outdoor Apps to Your Indoor Workout


The colder months can cause even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts to lose motivation, but that doesn't have to be the case. If you can't wrap your head around running or biking outside in frigid temperatures, you can still monitor your workout progress thanks to a new suite of indoor apps from leading health and fitness app developer runtastic.

runtastic today released the Fitness App Collection, a suite of indoor apps that include all the fun features of outdoor apps but allow you to work out effectively in the comfort and warmth of your home. With more than 14 million app downloads to date, runtastic brings its signature high quality technology to the new app collection. Available for Android phones, iPhones and iPads, the suite consists of four motion-activated apps, including: PullUps, PushUps, SitUps and Squats.

All four apps feature training plans developed by fitness experts to help users gradually improve strength and stamina by working toward the completion of a set number of repetitions. The apps utilize built-in smartphone proximity sensor and accelerometer technology to count repetitions automatically. Voice coach and automatic timer features serve as a virtual personal trainer by counting down the time before and between sets.

“You may think you'll never be able to do 100 pushups or 150 squats, but our latest apps offer step-by-step training plans to boost your performance over time and make these goals 100 percent attainable,” said runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner. “By expanding our app offerings, runtastic encourages all users to achieve well-rounded workout routines, and new gamification features provide extra motivation to take workouts to the next level.”

Community Page and Social Sharing

To accompany the new app suite, runtastic has also launched a new page on called PumpIt, which tracks the entire runtastic community's Fitness App Collection activities. The four new apps automatically upload statistics from each completed workout to both PumpIt and the user's personal fitness profile. Users can also choose to share progress via email or by posting to social media accounts, including Google+, Facebook and Twitter, with the tag #PumpIt.

App-to-App Integration and Gamification

The iOS apps will include a tab to integrate data from across the suite. This “Me” tab displays personal records for each indoor fitness activity, as well as badges, which users can earn by completing new gamification challenges. Similar features will soon be available for Android.

PushUps, PullUps, SitUps and Squats for Android and iOS are now available for download here.

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