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Vincotech Releases MOSFET-Based, Three-Level Inverter Power Module


Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has introduced a new fully MOSFET-based NPC converter module in a flow 1 housing. Designed for 1200 V solar inverter applications, this module features a split output, eliminates cross conduction and provides reactive power capability. The flowNPC 1 MOS achieves extremely high efficiency levels exceeding 98.5 % at 50 kHz.

Packaged in flow 1 housings measuring 82 mm by 38 mm and 17 mm in height, this module extends the family of flow 1 NPC converter modules with a line based on 600 V MOSFET and 600 V SiC diodes covering a range from 21 mΩ to 41 mΩ RDSON. This newly released product provides a three-level inverter topology engineered to furnish the highest switching frequencies.

One of the great benefits of the NPC converter is that it enables 600 V components to be used in 1200 V applications. It also outperforms 1200 V devices in terms of both speed and price. Designed for lowest inductance, these modules provide the perfect solutions for solar, UPS, and fast-switching motor drive applications.

The modules are in serial production and samples are available now. To learn more, visit Vincotech's website at

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