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Lyzasoft's Collaborative Business Intelligence Solutions Now Available for Actuate and BIRT


Lyzasoft, a pioneer in collaborative business intelligence solutions, today announced the availability of adapters to integrate ActuateOne and BIRT with Lyza's Collaboration solution. Customers using ActuateOne or BIRT for dashboards and reports can now deliver a rich user collaboration experience around their existing BI content by projecting it into Lyza.

"The key to increasing the reach of and return on BI investments is to make it easier for more people to find relevant data, to understand what they find, and to apply it to their work. All three of these challenges are fundamentally collaboration problems," according to Scott Davis, Lyzasoft's founder and CEO. "Our technology allows existing javascript applications to be wrapped easily in Lyza's enterprise collaboration experience, where users help each other find, discuss, understand, and apply the information to their work. By allowing users to attach annotations, comments, related documents, web pages, videos, analyses, and polls regarding existing BI content, Lyza helps customers improve the reach and ROI of their ActuateOne or BIRT investments."

Lyza is an enterprise collaboration software product that makes it easy for employees to find the information and expertise they need to do their work. Lyza connects information of all types – documents, spreadsheets, charts, data, video, databases, even applications – allowing users to create a simple, powerful web of linkages and commentary between information and experts across the enterprise. A free trial version is available here.

About Lyzasoft, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Lyzasoft created the category of collaborative business intelligence. For more information, or to use the free trial version, please call 303.825.1040 or visit

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