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Syniverse Conducting Multiple LTE Roaming and Interconnect Trials with Tier 1 Operators


Syniverse today announced a series of successful Long Term Evolution (LTE) roaming trials that enable mobile operators to manage the complexities of transitioning to LTE networks as seamlessly as possible. Using IPX, Diameter Signaling Service, Real-Time Intelligence and data clearing, comprehensive, end-to-end LTE roaming and interconnect testing is complete or under way with seven Tier 1 mobile service providers around the globe to accelerate their efforts to transition to LTE.

“LTE promises a tremendous increase in transmission speed and improvement in quality for mobile data services,” said Thomas Wehmeier, Principal Analyst and Global Head of Telco Strategy, Informa. “Yet LTE roaming remains a major challenge that needs to be resolved to realize the potential of LTE technology. Comprehensive testing is critical to delivering on end-user expectations.”

Enabling ubiquitous and reliable LTE roaming is a complex challenge that requires testing, resolving and ensuring the quality of roaming processes such as Diameter signaling, clearing and settlement, and customer-experience protection between one LTE network and another LTE network. Another critical issue is ensuring that fallback from an LTE network to a 2G or 3G network is addressed properly.

“Syniverse is the first to offer a single-solution testing and interconnection environment to ensure a seamless, comprehensive trial process,” said Jeff Gordon, President and CEO, Syniverse. “With our breadth of LTE-ready services, providers can integrate the testing of all of their services through a single source, instead of managing separate processes for areas like messaging, customer care, and clearing and settlement. Plus, our 25 years of mobile roaming experience give us insight into the potential unknowns that come with interoperability and interworking between new technologies.”

Syniverse's testing environment is powered by its LTE solution portfolio, which gives operators access to full LTE interoperability and interworking required for 4G voice and data roaming.

At the core of the LTE solution portfolio is the Syniverse IPX Network, a carrier-grade, five-nines connection to Syniverse through a global network fully enabled to deliver the quality and class of service required for LTE. Through this single connection, which currently connects nearly 100 mobile service providers worldwide, customers gain immediate access to Syniverse's full suite of 4G solutions, including Diameter and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling, clearing and settlement, customer-experience protection, and advanced video and messaging support.

Based on its progress and results around the world, Syniverse is seeing demand grow for trials as momentum for LTE rollouts builds. In the first phase of trials, data services are being tested, and more advanced services such as LTE voice, video and messaging will be tested in subsequent phases.

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