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NAAP Global Solutions, Ltd. Spotlights Smart 4G Roll-out App as the Newest Addition to its Cloud Based Portfolio


NAAP Global Solutions, Ltd., a leading provider of Telecommunications Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions, unveiled today the latest addition to its Cloud Based Portfolio, the Smart 4G Roll-out App. In an effort to reduce IT costs, more and more companies are interested in exploring SaaS (Software as a Service) as the model to implement business applications.

“With the maturity of every product comes a stronger ability to satisfy customer's and industry needs. For the past seven years, we have been helping carriers around the world take control of their assets, and the truth is that a network is an “alive” entity. Every time there is a new technology implementation, such as 4G, carriers struggle to stay on top of the project roll-out and most importantly of the project's budget,” said Don van Splunteren, VP of NAAP Solutions. “By adding a 4G Roll out App to our Cloud based portfolio, we are now offering Carriers, Vendors and Tower Management Companies alike, a unique solution to deal with the challenge of having different teams or companies efficiently collaborate in tracking, sharing and controlling project information. NAAP does just that. Now, any company that is rolling out a new technology can subscribe for as long as they wish, to our SMART 4G Roll-out App and make sure that all teams stay on top of it. What is even more appealing to our customers is that they can decide at the end of the project, if they want to take advantage of the gathered project and asset intelligence and continue on a full asset lifecycle management path or if they want to just benefit from the App during roll-out and leave it at that. The importance of trusting the information that is left behind by all the involved after a project roll-out has ended is paramount,” he added.

There are four plans for the NAAP SMART 4G Roll-out APP: NAAP Solo, NAAP Multi, NAAP Flow and NAAP (infinite), each one offering customers a “pay as you grow” path with functionalities tailored to their needs. The application is available also for Mobile devices and Tablet use.

NAAP Solution™ is a complete Telecom Asset Lifecycle Management Portfolio which includes:

  • NAAP Software – A multi-module Asset Lifecycle Tracking software that centralizes and manages all asset related information.
  • 3D High Definition Cell-Site Survey, which allows a reduction of site visits of up to 40% as well as provides the ability to take any measurement on the Tower and its antennas from the desktop and without a climb.
  • Barcoding and RFID- NAAP Global performs in-field services to help operators label each asset and document it in NAAP Software.

About NAAP Global Solutions

NAAP Global Solutions, Ltd.'s, asset management solutions have been deployed by carriers in over fifteen countries worldwide. With its comprehensive software, NAAP Global Solutions brings to the market an innovative and powerful solution to address the growing need for Telecom operational support systems (OSS) and expense Management (TEM).

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