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Secure Mobile Communication, Compatible with Any Device & Any Network


Cummings Engineering, in partnership with Ascent Rugged Mobile, is launching SAIFE™ Defender, the world's first commercial rugged Android device with secure digital communications. The launch will be next week in California at the HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit, which features top trainers from the counter-terrorism, emergency response, homeland security and cyber-security industries.

SAIFE™ Defender, a rugged mobile Android device with interoperable secure communications capabilities, is unique and cost-effective because it is platform-neutral; field officers can communicate securely with each other even if they are using different devices, such as a BlackBerry, iPhone or Droid. Additionally, agencies don't have to invest in unique radio infrastructure but instead can securely leverage existing commercial carrier networks such as Verizon, AT&T, and others.

“We want to be the Swiss Army knife of secure mobile applications for the military and law enforcement communities,” said Darren Cummings, CEO, Cummings Engineering. “Our product is truly BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, giving users the ability to leverage commercially available hardware and software to operate on any commercial network, cellular or WiFi and remain secure and protected.”

Additionally, specialized applications are built on top of Cummings' secure framework offering government users capabilities they didn't previously have or couldn't use due to the lack of security.

The underlying technology that encrypts, stores and transmits the data has been accredited by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (FIPS 140-2). This allows the U.S. government and other regulated industries such as medical services that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive information to quickly and cost-effectively use the modules and security capabilities Cummings offers.

Cummings and Ascent Rugged Mobile's initial products are:

  • SAIFE™ Defender: Rugged Android device, either IP65 or IP68 with interoperable Secure Communications capabilities. Available immediately.
  • SAIFE™ Sentry: Rugged Android device, IP67 with interoperable Secure Communications capabilities. Available January 2013, operational pilots available now.

Cummings Engineering is located in the Innovations Incubator in the City of Chandler, which was recently recognized as one of the leading U.S. cities for technology startups.

About Cummings Engineering

Founded in 2007, Cummings Engineering is the inventor of SAIFE™ secure digital technologies and its flagship product SecureMobile™. The company is known for rapid development of innovation, and digital security without compromise. The company's mission is to secure digital communication with already existing devices, networks, and infrastructure, including mobile devices, commercial networks, and public cloud infrastructures. Cummings Engineering currently serves US Defense and Government departments, as well as commercial Fortune 500 companies. Cummings owns numerous patents and patents-pending for their advanced suite of secure digital technologies. For more information about Cummings Engineering, visit

About Ascent Rugged Mobile (ARM)

ARM provides ultra-rugged mobile devices such as rugged Android Smartphones, PDAs, Tablet computers, Laptops and rugged accessories. ARM targets the Military, industries with technology solutions for agriculture, construction, oil and gas, and First Responders who require mobile rugged equipment that needs to withstand harsh conditions. For more information about Ascent Rugged Mobile, visit

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