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Sutter Home Family Vineyards Launches Two New Products: Pink Pinot Grigio and Red Moscato


Sutter Home Family Vineyards produced the first White Zinfandel, launching an international wine trend that helped shape the way wine is enjoyed — and perceived — not only in California, but the world over. Committed to preserving Sutter Home's legacy and providing consumers affordable, yet quality wine, the Trinchero family continues to expand the Sutter Home portfolio which today includes 20 varietals such as Chardonnay, Bubbly Pink Moscato, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc, White Merlot and Gewürztraminer. In an effort to provide consumers with exciting, new wines to enjoy, Sutter Home today announced the launch of Pink Pinot Grigio and Red Moscato.

Sutter Home's Senior Director of Marketing, Wendy Nyberg commented “Sutter Home has stayed relevant with consumers, by producing the wines they want. Pink Pinot Grigio and Red Moscato will resonate with wine drinkers — especially Millennial of legal drinking age — as these wines are accessible, in both price and style.”

Sutter Home's creation of White Zinfandel may have been serendipitous, but the winery's formula for success has always been strategic, with one goal in mind: Create approachable, affordable wine that appeals to today's consumers.

The Trinchero family has always believed expansion and leveraging new trends is the best way to keep the Sutter Home brand relevant and remain on top in the industry, according to Trinchero Family Estates' President and COO, Bob Torkelson. “Our focus is to expand the number of wine drinkers and to help grow the wine industry overall.”

Sutter Home brought innovation and influence early on: Packaging diversity with the adaption of the groundbreaking 187 ml in PET bottles in 2005 and the production of Moscato over 60 years ago. Today, the Moscato category is indeed growing. Impact Databank estimates that 7.8 million (nine-liter) cases of Moscato were sold in the U.S. last year, surpassing Sauvignon Blanc to become the #3 white varietal with sales up 73%. Sutter Home has continued to be a leader in the category, commanding a 23% share. In the past year alone, Sutter Home launched the following products: Pink Moscato, Bubbly Moscato and Bubbly Pink Moscato; and now Red Moscato.

Not only is the Moscato category growing, but so is Pinot Grigio, and at a pace faster than the #1 Chardonnay and #2 Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Grigio surpassed Merlot to become the #3 wine varietal and has grown over 10% in sales. Domestic sales of Sutter Home Pinot Grigio increased over 18%, according to Nielsen 26 weeks ending 9/15/12.

The new Sutter Home Pink Pinot Grigio, very similar to an off-dry rosè, is made from grapes carefully selected from California's premium Pinot Grigio producing vineyards. On the palate, strawberries and white peach balance well with the Pink Pinot Grigio's crisp acidity, creating a refreshing, off-dry finish. Sutter Home Red Moscato is the perfect harmony of California Moscato and Merlot. The Red Moscato is rich with strawberry and cherry aromas and lingering sweet berry fruit and rose notes on the palate.

Sutter Home Red Moscato can be found nationally in select large consumer retail chains. The Pink Pinot Grigio begins shipping nationally in November. Contact Carissa Abazia for samples and bottles shots.

Sutter Home Family Vineyards is wholly owned and operated by the Trinchero family, Napa Valley vintners since 1948. The company produces more than 28 brands including Sutter Home, Trinchero Napa Valley, Main Street, Napa Cellars, Terra d'Oro, Montevina, Trinity Oaks, Folie à Deux, Ménage à Trois, and the number one alcohol-removed wine, Fre. TFE markets and sells Joel Gott Wines; Bandit, Newman's Own, and The SHOW. TFE's import portfolio includes Angove Wines from Australia; Doña Paula wines from Argentina; Carmen Wines from Chile; Shatter Wines from France; and CRUZ and Tres Agaves Tequilas from Mexico. Visit to learn more.

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