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Canare Showcases AES-3id Electrical-to-Optical and Optical-to-Electrical Converters at AES


Canare, the leading manufacturer of the highest quality pro audio and video cable and connectors in the media & entertainment market, will be showcasing their AES-3id Electrical-to-Optical and Optical-to-Electrical (EO/OE) Converters, world class audio cables and hand tools at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Conference, Moscone Center in San Francisco, from October 26th – 29th in Booth 1234.

Canare's main demonstration will focus on their AES-3id and SMPTE 276M compliant EO-500 Electrical-to-Optical and OE-501 Optical-to-Electrical (EO-OE) Converter line where they will be demonstrating the system's ability to send synchronous and asynchronous AES signals via 75 ohm BNC x8 I/O modules over long distances through a single fiber optic cable. The AES-3id Dolby-E compatible optical converters which are housed in a portable, hot swappable power supply unit (6PS), multiplex and optically convert AES signals of up to 8 ports (16 audio channels) and can be transmitted up to 20km (12.43mi.). Further, eight different types of transmitter modules (distinguished by emitted light wavelengths from 1471nm to 1611nm) using coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) allows AES signals of up to 64 ports (128 audio channels) to be transmitted via a single fiber-optic cable. “The benefits of using Canare's EO-OE converters versus having to pull audio cable runs in facility buildouts and venues requiring having to send audio signals over long distances are many,” said Gary Pagliocca, CFO for Canare Corporation of America. “Optical transmission benefits include extremely long distance runs with no signal degradation, RFI/EMI noise elimination or phase errors and the elimination of signal jitter (through reclocking) from input to output. Moreover, the cost and weight savings in cables, connectors and labor make using our EO-OE products a compelling return-on-investment proposition for any audio or video professional looking to build or upgrade their facility or production/post production venue.”

In addition to the EO-OE Converters demonstration, Canare will also be showing their world class L46S Series of microphone cables. These cables implement braided shielding, eliminating gaps in the grounding that occur in alternative microphone cables that use lower cost spiral shielding. Any time saved in adding connectors to spiral shielded cables is quickly lost when grounding noise requires new cable to be run. Professionals in the audio business – from project studio to large recording studio to live events – will also gather at the Canare booth to see their speaker cables, guitar and instrument cables, and to see a hands-on demonstration of how engineers can quickly make a 75 ohm cable very simply and quickly with just two tools – a strip tool and crimp tool.

“The continuing sales growth that we are seeing in the professional audio and video markets is a testament to the ever-increasing market adoption of our cable/connector and optical product technologies and of our ongoing commitment to drive innovation, while further establishing our technological leadership in providing the best-in-class cable and connector solutions to our continually growing multi-national, award winning clientele,” concluded Pagliocca.

About Canare

Founded in 1970 in Nagoya, Japan, Canare is known around the world for manufacturing the best in Pro Audio and Video Cable; 75 Ohm BNC, F and RCA Connectors; Patchbays; Cable Reels; Snake Systems; Assemblies; Crimp Tools and Cable Strippers. In 2004, Canare launched a full Optical Product Line for HD upgrades in the broadcast and M&E markets. Professional broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many leading OEM's rely on Canare's products, proven reliability and best-of-class customer service. For more information about Canare, call (973) 837-0070 or visit us at

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