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Vertex Transforms Global Provisioning with Vertex® Tax Accounting


Vertex Inc., the leading provider of corporate enterprise tax solutions, today unveiled Vertex® Tax Accounting, a game-changing approach to global provision and tax accounting, at the 67th Annual Tax Executive Institute (TEI) Conference in Hollywood, Fla. The solution is a breakthrough technology that improves global provisioning and provides a powerful source for modeling tax planning strategies.

“Multinational companies require tax technology that accommodates continual change, whether it's change in business models, entity structures, GAAP accounting, or tax laws,” said Jeff Westphal, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vertex. “Vertex Tax Accounting, as a part of Vertex® Enterprise, offers a data-driven, highly-sophisticated approach to global provisioning that unleashes the strategic potential of corporate tax departments like never before.”

Vertex Tax Accounting provides a multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency and multi-year global provision solution that is integrated with the Vertex® Tax Data Warehouse, the first commercial, off-the-shelf tax data warehouse that allows companies to import data from multiple sources and export it to multiple tax applications, regardless of the provider.

By combining the data engine to capture the required level of detail and the tools to predict the tax impact, Vertex Tax Accounting arms corporate tax departments with the real-time data needed to better inform and influence business decisions. The result is improved income tax provision accuracy and the depth of data needed to make tax a crucial contributor to corporate performance.

"Vertex Tax Accounting is more than a sophisticated new global provision tool, it is a foundation for effective tax planning,” said Bill Brennan, Chief Tax Officer for Vertex. “It transforms provision by giving companies the ability to evaluate the effective tax rate and cash impact of tax strategies, support audits, and much more.”

Together, Vertex Tax Accounting and the Vertex Tax Data Warehouse are part of Vertex® Enterprise, a powerful new software suite to help tax executives optimize the benefits of globalization and unleash the strategic potential of corporate tax departments. Built from the ground up specifically for the needs of corporate tax, Vertex Enterprise provides the data management and reporting capability the global tax executive needs, in a flexible, user-friendly system for provision, planning, and audit defense.

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About Vertex

Founded in 1978, Vertex Inc. is the leading provider of corporate enterprise tax software and services worldwide.

Vertex helps corporations realize the full financial and strategic potential of corporate tax, offering a variety of solutions that streamline, integrate and automate corporate tax processes. Vertex solutions serve multinational corporations in every major line of business tax including; income, sales, consumer use, value added, communications and payroll.

The company's offerings are showcased by Vertex® Enterprise, a data-driven, open-architecture approach to tax technology that integrates all direct and indirect tax processes and technologies with host financial system applications on a single platform. The result is increased efficiency, control, transparency and strategic decision making for corporate Tax and Finance departments.

Vertex is a privately held company that employs over 700 professionals across the globe, at its headquarters in the U.S. (Berwyn, Pa.) and offices in Europe (London), Brazil (São Paulo), Dallas, Fort Collins, Naperville, Phoenix and Sarasota.

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