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Empirix xCentrix Transforms Service Assurance with Actionable Insight


Empirix today announced an enhanced version of Empirix xCentrix for detecting issues in mobile, fixed line and VoIP networks as they emerge and automatically triggering advanced analytics to immediately scope and diagnose problems. Unlike existing service assurance solutions that flood operators with unintelligible alerts or massive volumes of KPI results, Empirix provides actionable notifications, complete with subscriber impact data and insight on root cause. Now, organizations can predict the impact of service issues and respond swiftly to protect high value customers.

“Operators are facing unprecedented complexity as they seek to understand the myriad of factors that impact subscriber experience,” said Akshay Sharma, research director, Gartner, Carrier Network Infrastructure. “While many solutions provide analysis around customer experience and network performance, they lack the ability to reduce the manual involvement required to investigate, clearly identify and prioritize issues. Even with powerful reporting and alerting tools available, key questions to trouble to resolution such as who is affected and why are still elusive.”

Empirix xCentrix addresses a key need for proactively guarding customer experience in resource-constrained environments. Key features include:

  • Subscriber-centric Issue Detection
    Empirix xCentrix continuously analyzes a wide range of factors to identify emerging problems and the multi-causal issues other solutions can miss. Once detected, Empirix immediately determines the number of subscribers affected.
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis
    Using advanced analytics and “learning algorithms,” Empirix quickly sifts through a mountain of device, app, customer, location and network data to find the commonalities at the root of these subscriber-impacting issues.
  • Deep Packet Inspection-Level Application Analysis
    As apps proliferate, it is extremely important to pinpoint those that are causing signaling conditions that lead to poor experience, for the app users, localities and subscribers overall. To dramatically simplify app identification for operators, Empirix has integrated signature analysis capabilities that fully characterize these types of issues.
  • Actionable “Alerts”
    Empirix does not simply flash a KPI value or turn a dashboard element from green to red. Rather, it eliminates the “noise” operators face by provide a straightforward message with intelligence on the current issue along with its root cause and size of the problem. Such a message would read:

    43% of iPad users using video conferencing services experienced degraded service on Diameter elements requesting QoS from the PCRF in the last hour (12/31/12, 1:58AM)

    -- or --

    15,000 subscribers using application “” caused a 15% increase in signaling load on SGSN 123 in the last hour (12/31/12, 1:58AM). SGSN 123 will go into overload when 55,000 subscribers use application “”.

    Examples of Empirix xCentrix's intelligent notifications can be viewed at:

“In today's complex networks, operations staff are overwhelmed with receiving far to much information and not enough insight. For operators, the ability to quickly understand and address problems is a key asset that translates into immediate benefits to their bottom line,” said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing for Empirix. “With Empirix xCentrix, we are introducing the first solution that dramatically simplifies and automates the prediction of network issues and enables these organizations to respond quickly. We look forward to providing them with the early insight they need to reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Empirix xCentrix is an easy-to-deploy, software-only solution. It is fully compatible with the Empirix E-XMS service assurance monitoring solution. In non-Empirix environments, it can extract data from existing network monitoring, OSS and other operational systems. In this way, Empirix xCentrix delivers immediate results and rapid return on investment (ROI).

The Empirix xCentrix solution is part of the Empirix Systems Architecture (ESA). ESA unifies the company's industry-leading testing and monitoring technologies with predictive analytics and business intelligence capabilities and empowers customers to take a modular approach to their deployments. This flexible, integrated solution enables companies to easily add new capabilities, as well as leverage their existing infrastructure investments, to increase the availability of critical systems, delight customers and drive revenue growth.

More information on Empirix xCentrix is available online at:

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