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New Spotting Tool for Everyday Spills and Pet Accidents Proves to Be the Missing Link in Home Maintenance


Widespread consumer frustration exists now in carpet maintenance over the same problem professional carpet cleaners once struggled with 12 years ago.

The SpotVac and Pets make a perfect match. (Photo: Business Wire)

The SpotVac and Pets make a perfect match. (Photo: Business Wire)

Then in 1999, professional “Sub-Surface Extraction” was introduced and quickly became the ultimate solution for flushing contaminants from the sub-surfaces beneath the carpet, permanently eliminating reappearing spots and thoroughly neutralizing the offensive odor of pet urine in carpeted flooring.

Unfortunately for the consumer, calling a professional every time a puppy piddles or a cup is tipped over can be very expensive and sometimes too late, since the best results are achieved by a quick response.

Of all the carpet cleaning products and machines available for home use, none is designed to remove contaminants from under the carpet where the real problem often exists, and that means spots and odors just keep coming back.

According to Ruth Travis, a 26-year veteran trainer and worldwide leader in the professional carpet cleaning industry and passionate pet owner, “There has always been this missing link in consumer home maintenance.”

And here's the good news: the ultimate spotting solution for the pros is now the same ultimate spotting solution for the rest of us. A new, easy-to-use “Sub-Surface” cleaning tool has made its way from professional carpet cleaning to everyday home use. This very unique and cool-looking tool is called the “SpotVac” <>. It benefits from over 10 years of refinement in the professional cleaning industry and is produced by the original inventors of the pro line of tools. Ruth says, “The 'SpotVac' is a real problem solver. It will save consumers hundreds of dollars in service calls or even the cost of carpet and rug replacement.”

“My clients are truly amazed at how they can easily and effectively remove soaked-in spills like red wine, coffee and soft drinks with this new tool” and “now anyone can quickly and conveniently tackle pet urine before it becomes an offensive odor, unhealthy contaminate or permanent stain,” says Travis.

This simple, ultra-tough tool can be attached to any common household wet-vac with at least 2.5 horsepower and promises professional results in removing spots, spills and odors while paying for itself in the first use. SpotClean claims that the SpotVac, together with “SpotFlush” Sub-Surface Flushing Solutions, really is the missing link in home maintenance.

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[Ruth Travis, known as the “Rug Lady” in the professional cleaning industry, holds a degree in Textiles from the University of Tennessee, is a specialized consultant to major carpet mills and consumers and is an IICRC-approved Instructor in Rug Cleaning and Color Repair. She served over 10 years as an IICRC Board Member and Officer and is the North American Director of WoolSafe®. Ruth is a consultant for Chase Carpet and Rug Care in Denver, CO. See Ruth's website:]

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