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PathCentral Joins Forces with Smart Imaging Technologies to Deliver Comprehensive Digital Pathology Solutions to U.S. and Global Markets


PathCentral (, a technology-enabled pathology services company dedicated exclusively to the success of the community pathologist, today announced a strategic alliance with Smart Imaging Technologies Co. The companies made the announcement at the Digital Pathology Conference in Baltimore, under way through Oct. 31 (Booth #10).

Smart Imaging, the developer of Simagis Live® digital slide management software, is known for its slide management servers, image analysis applications and web technologies. Working together, PathCentral and Smart Imaging Technologies will be poised to deliver robust and comprehensive web-based digital pathology solutions for domestic and international markets.

The integration between PathCentral's APLIS and Simagis® digital slide management system provides an end-to-end, web-based digital pathology solution that helps pathology practices leverage the power of cloud computing to increase their productivity, better utilize scanning equipment, gain a competitive edge, and expand business beyond their geographic boundaries. By applying these collaborative technologies, diagnostic laboratories will be able to connect scanners from different manufacturers to a cloud server to create unified service networks that ensure integrated work flow across locations.

“Our companies share the same vision of providing an integrated digital pathology platform that works across geographic locations and makes digital pathology affordable for practices of any size,” said Vitali Khvatkov, CEO of Smart Imaging Technologies. “We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership offers to the marketplace, providing interoperability and integration in the fragmented and rapidly evolving space of digital pathology.”

“PathCentral's cloud-based APLIS provides a workflow solution suited to any pathology environment,” said Joseph Nollar, Chief Information Officer for PathCentral. “Our system has been designed from the ground up to handle and manage digital images for consultation, peer review, and integration into diagnostic reports. The addition of Simagis® software to PathCentral's comprehensive digital pathology solution allows us to elevate this capability even further – offering community based pathologist's ready-to-use integrated and customizable system for storing, managing and analyzing digital slides.”

About PathCentral

Through its comprehensive suite of products and services, PathCentral provides independent community-based pathologists with the tools they need to increase revenues, improve operating efficiencies, ensure patient safety, and become highly competitive in their local markets. PathCentral delivers a unique blend of leading edge IT cloud computing technology, and global connectivity that enable community-based pathologists around the world to grow, thrive and more effectively meet the demands of 21st Century diagnostic medicine. For more information, please visit

About Smart Imaging Technologies

Smart Imaging Technologies provides digital slide management servers, image analysis applications and cloud hosting services that make digital pathology affordable for practices of any size. Our products work with most slide scanners and can be deployed on premises or the cloud to deliver unified digital pathology solutions across geographic boundaries. To learn more, visit

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