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Worldwide Illuminati Network Supporting Witchcraft and Pagan Lifestyles To Debut on Halloween


A new worldwide network that will support new age, witchcraft, spiritual, pagan and other alternative lifestyles and feature a 24-hour online television and radio network plus Internet on demand services will debut October 31, said co-founders Steve McManus and Elizabeth Sturino.

“People interested in these lifestyles haven't had a centralized location where they can find the latest information,” McManus said. “With the Illuminati Network, they will not only be able to find such items as their favorite occult radio personalities, but they will also be able to find information on all alternative lifestyle events and issues.” The network will also have children's programming for parents who want to educate their children about their lifestyle.

Sturino added that the network will also be able to shed light on many inaccuracies and misconceptions.

“There are many modern witches, but they do not fly around on brooms,” she said. “There is a very progressive community of people who practice witchcraft who have never been able to fight misconceptions with a single voice.”

Currently, people involved in these lifestyles must do time consuming searches to find programming and information. Key alternative lifestyle media personalities typically drive large market share and have fiercely loyal customer bases but are difficult to locate.

“Just like the consumers, advertisers who want to reach occultists have difficulty reaching this fragmented market,” he said.

In addition, the network plans on being an active player in the media landscape, providing reporters, editors and producers with a comprehensive list of occult experts and spokespersons who will weigh in on controversial issues in a timely manner. The cofounders believe the Illuminati Network will become the hub of the occult universe worldwide, and will ultimately start to change how the general public views it.

“We are tired of the misconceptions surrounding these lifestyles in the media, but those misconceptions have never been consistently challenged by people who are competent and informed,” Sturino said. “That will now change.”

The Illuminati Network LLC is a registered corporation based in Delaware. To view a preview and framework of the site, go to Content will be added gradually over the next year. For media interviews or information on advertising, call 1-866-501-7746. Facebook:, Twitter:

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