Market Overview Says Lather up to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Stop Sniffles...And Flu!


Infectious disease expert Dr. Harley Rotbart and reveals washing hands to the chorus of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star can be more effective at stopping kids from catching the flu and other illnesses than current vaccinations.

Infectious disease expert and pediatrician Dr. Harley Rotbart explains in an interview why handwashing is the best weapon to stave off spreading contagions. “Soap [alters bacteria] and loosens the dirt. We have to be conscious of the fact that if we touch our face and haven't washed before that we are potentially infecting ourselves with something we picked up from someone else's hands or an inanimate surface. For kids, the best trick that parents have found over the years is to teach kids to sing the happy birthday song or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” They each last about twenty seconds…for kids to run the soap and water over their hands.”

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Further findings from the interview reveal:

  • Fewer than 25 percent of surveyed adults using public bathrooms washed their hands.
  • There is only a 40 percent compliance rate in hospitals, where 90,000 deaths per year are due to infections contracted within the hospital itself.
  • Only 32 percent of adults wash their hands after coughing or sneezing into them.'s Handwashing Campaign features Twinkle star stickers for mirrors, doors, and walls as reminders to use this method. The Twinkle Star stickers are round, adhesive, and three inches in diameter. They are ideal for displaying wherever children congregate, such as schools, recreation centers, churches, and restaurants. Messages such as “Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Look to See How Clean You Are” make hygienic habits hard to forget.

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Notes to editors:

Dr. Rotbart is a pediatrician, infectious disease expert, and author of Germ Proof Your Kids and No Regrets Parenting. Statistics and research information were derived from Germ Proof Your Kids.

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