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Nlyte Software Offers Free Nlyte Audit Edition


Nlyte Software, the industry leader in data center infrastructure management (DCIM), today announced the availability of Nlyte Audit Edition, a predefined auditing template available at no cost for companies who want to streamline the data center rack and equipment audit process as well as those that are preparing for any enterprise DCIM solution.

Nlyte Audit Edition makes it easy for data center professionals to take the first step towards DCIM - articulating an enterprise's data center physical structure. It's widely agreed that a well understood data center infrastructure provides the basis for analysis which in turn enables optimized space and power consumption as well as longer term asset lifecycle management. The Nlyte Audit template has been carefully designed to guide its users through the process of collecting all of the specific information needed to define the data center, complete with entry error corrections and includes Nlyte's own materials catalog containing thousands of IT devices preloaded. The information captured by Nlyte's Audit Edition can subsequently be used with any industry leading DCIM solution. The Nlyte Audit Edition enables companies to perform equipment audits with more accuracy and consistency, in less time and with less manual input.

“We are thrilled to see Nlyte's Audit Edition now publically available at no cost. In the past, our clients would spend weeks consolidating a variety of spreadsheets with the hopes to compile them into a standard audit report for management,” said Casey McKee, chief operating officer of Asset Inventories. “We needed an auditing tool designed with industry best practices in mind and Nlyte Audit Edition has structured the process to include all necessary asset information in a single repository. Now our clients are able to quickly and easily input their data center asset information into Nlyte Audit Edition's database and are then able to run an audit on demand, update the database when needed and, ultimately, move that data into any enterprise DCIM solution. Nlyte's Audit Edition assures that all of the required asset detail is captured, the information entered is checked for consistency and within specific limits, and that the devices identified are chosen from a known library of valid devices. The entire DCIM community will benefit from this well conceived offering.”

“Most data centers today are still relying on unorganized, ad-hoc spreadsheets created by many different users to manage their assets. Each of these resulting spreadsheets have been created with different sets of asset detail and rarely do they have any built-in error correction or table lookups,” said Rob Neave, CTO at Nlyte Software. “The Nlyte Audit Edition makes it easy for data center professionals to organize their data via the audit template and consistently maintain their asset information. Over the last 10 years, our customers and partners have told us that ad-hoc spreadsheets have inaccuracy rates as high as 30% and almost always lack one or more of the required fields needed to fully articulate a data center structure. Nlyte Audit Edition is our response to this critical industry issue.”

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Nlyte Software enables companies to run their data center like a business. Nlyte's industry-leading platform optimizes data center operations, improves governance, assures compliance and minimizes risk while reducing energy consumption and future capital expenditures. Nlyte Software is based Menlo Park, CA and London, UK with offices worldwide. For more information, please visit our website:

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