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Powerit Solutions Develops Demand Management Ecosystem in the Industrial Sector


Powerit Solutions, recently named one of the 100 most promising private cleantech companies in the world, today formally announces a key element in its growing industrial demand management ecosystem: channel sales partnerships with four leading automation distributors.

Powerit Solutions now has distribution agreements in place with Border States Electric, French Gerleman, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company and Schaedler Yesco Distribution. These regional companies, all with expertise in industrial automation and energy, span 20 states and together represent billions of dollars in sales. They will sell Powerit Solutions' Spara EMS® technology, which provides the crucial “last mile” link connecting industrial facilities with the smart grid.

Robust Sales Channel Expands Powerit's Reach

“Our product has been proven in industrial facilities across North America and sold through direct sales,” notes Kevin Klustner, Powerit Solutions' CEO. “Now, through these partnerships, we've taken our best practices and our pioneering smart grid technology and packaged them for resale by leading electrical distributors. These partners are automation experts who understand the need for energy control, and we're delighted to make this announcement today.”

“Automation is increasingly essential for sophisticated demand management, especially in the large facilities that distributors like these leaders sell into,” Klustner adds. “Shorter-duration demand response, for example, requires automation. We believe these partnerships will help spread this capability to plant floors across North America.”

Partners See Growth in Smart Grid Solutions

For Powerit Solutions' partners, the addition of Spara to their product lines is an opportunity to expand customer relationships though advanced smart grid technology.

“We are excited to add Spara to our portfolio of energy management products and services,” says Mike Stanfill, president of St. Louis–based French Gerleman, which serves three states.

“In our customers' pursuit of aggressive energy reduction goals, a key, but sometimes overlooked, strategy is addressing the causes of peak demand charges,” Stanfill continues. “Powerit's technology, coupled with the efficient and green products we already provide, allows us to partner with customers in minimizing energy costs without compromising productivity or throughput.”

Schaedler Yesco is a full-line electrical distribution company with 17 Pennsylvania branch locations and corporate headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa. For Schaedler Yesco, says Energy Manager John Polites: “This partnership allows us to explore demand management automation opportunities with both new and existing customers. It also lets our customers tap into utility incentive programs.”

“We quickly saw how Powerit's product aligns with our customers' needs and our own expertise in process automation and energy,” Polites adds. “Spara fits well with our Clean Energy model, which focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy and the smart grid, and we believe sales of Spara will spur additional sales in the lighting, power monitoring and power efficiency areas.”

In addition to the four major U.S. electrical distributors recently added, Powerit Solutions' sales channel also includes qualified systems integrators. All partners benefit from an intensive onboarding process and comprehensive sales and technical support.

About Powerit Solutions

Powerit Solutions is a Seattle-based international cleantech company that sets the demand management standard. Its Spara EMS® technology links industrial facilities with the smart grid so customers can effortlessly control energy use for savings and sustainability. Spara uses sophisticated algorithms, built-in load-shedding intelligence, and data drawn from equipment, electricity meters, and utility transmissions to optimize facility energy use—without compromising production or quality. For more information, visit the Powerit Solutions website.

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