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Brazil's Future: New Book by Journalist and Writer Miriam Leitão is Intrínseca's Major Acquisition in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012


In Brazil's continued emergence as major world player and its economic and social development, there's nothing to be taken for granted in the coming days and next decades. The country has just overcome seemingly insurmountable political and economic adversities to earn its place at the world table. Success going forward will demand critical decision making and a well thought out and executed project towards prosperity, modernity and plurality within the context of a turbulent world that is undergoing tectonic power shifts. Which paths and what steps must be taken in order to face and succeed in the future? Which modernizing alliances should be established and nurtured? What are the trends in a variety of strategic areas? What does all of this mean to lives of ordinary families in Brazil?

These are just a few questions explored in A história do futuro: o mapa do caminho do Brasil no século XXI (History of the Future: Brazil's Path for the Twenty-First Century), the new book by Miriam Leitão, business journalist for Organizações Globo, Brazilian largest media group. Represented by Villas-Boas & Moss Literary Agency and Consultancy, the author has just signed with the Brazil based Intrínseca publishing house — home to writers such as Daniel Yergin, Nouriel Roubini and Jennifer Egan — during Frankfurt Book Fair, and the work is to be released in 2014.

With a clear and direct style, in consultation with many renowned experts' opinions and in touch with the everyday life of Brazilian people, A História do Futuro brings a vision of what needs to be done and what is currently underway, and it also indicates which dangers and benefits the country faces with its continued growth and modernization projects.

“Brazil has extraordinary advantages and inconceivable road blocks regarding its search for a sustained prosperity project. The country contains Earth's largest biodiversity. It owns the ideal combination of land, sun, and water for food production, and cutting-edge animal and vegetable genetic research that will withstand the difficulties of climatic changes,” notes Leitão.

According to the author, Brazil's hindrances are of a structural nature: “The country's business environment is subjugated by an entanglement of irrational rules and obstructions. The population is still young, and throughout the century it will experience severe demographic variations. In the world education ranking, Brazil stands at an embarrassing 53rd position.”

From her experience providing business news for over 27 years in several informational platforms, the author combines extensive knowledge and theoretical prowess and leads her readers through a fluent conversation on sensitive subjects such as education, natural heritage, democracy, and economic modernization.

MIRIAM LEITÃO is one of the most respected names in the Brazilian press, specializing in the coverage of business and economy for Organizações Globo: she keeps a daily column at O Globo newspaper and Globo Online website, hosts programs at GloboNews cable channel, and also acts as commentator for TV Globo and CBN radio station. She won numerous awards, including Maria Moors Cabot Prize, granted by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Her latest book, A saga brasileira (The Brazilian Saga), has sold 100,000 copies and hit the major Brazilian best-seller lists for 20 weeks.


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