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New Book Series 'Fobie Friends' Aims to Help Children Face Their Fears & Phobias


One of the toughest challenges for any parent is helping a young child face and overcome a certain fear or phobia. Whether it's a fear of the dark, being scared of heights, or having a fear of water, it's never been easy or fun for a little one to conquer a big fear - until now.

Scottsdale, Ariz. husband and wife team, Leslie and Brian Miller, have recently become authors and publishers of a new series of educational and entertaining children's books that seek to make fear-facing in childhood much more enjoyable. Launched with business partners, Mike Pitstick and Curt Meredith of Chicago, their new, small press publishing company is called “Fobie Friends” with the word “fobie” being a more child-friendly version of “phobia.” The slogan on the back of every book is, “Finding fun in facing your fears!”

“Because there are so many different fears and phobias in childhood, we saw a definite market in writing children's books about these common fears and we've created these fun stories about facing childhood fears as our way of giving children a helpful nudge towards his or her own success and self-empowerment,” explains Brian. “We also want to put a big, comforting smile on every child's face so in addition to our books, we also created stuffed animal toys to accompany each book so that a child could snuggle up with his or her own ‘Fobie Friend.'”

Their first book, “Did My Owl Just Growl?” specifically addresses the fear of the dark – a very common fear that many young children experience and will be facing next week on Halloween night. The book's accompanying Fobie Friend is an adorable, blue owl.

Their second book, “Climb the Monkey Bars? That's Bananas!” is all about helping children to overcome their fear of heights and the accompanying Fobie Friend is a sweet-looking, purple gorilla.

The third book in their series deals with helping children to overcome their fear of swimming in water and the particular animal pal for that book is a green seahorse. While their third book is all written, the couple has yet to decide on its name. “Coming up with the titles for our books has definitely been the toughest part for us!” jokes Leslie.

Fobie Friends also hired software development company, Castle Builders, to create a wonderful, multi-platformed ebook for each story.

“Although children's imaginations truly bring stories to life, our new ebooks will bring additional magic and hands-on fun,” says Leslie. “While listening to the story, readers will be able to watch our blue owl fly or purple gorilla dance. The technology is absolutely amazing and extremely cost-friendly to the customer.”

Their new ebook app costs $4.99 and is available on Nook, Kindle, Apple, PC, and Android platforms. The Fobie Friends books are currently available for purchase on and The cost of each book is $15.99.

And with so many other childhood fears and nerve-wracking experiences to write about such as: the fear of being bullied at school, going to sleep-away camp, taking a trip to the dentist's office, and more - the Fobie Friends team says that their exciting, new series of books, ebooks, and stuffed animal toys is just getting started. There will be many more Fobie Friends to come.

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