Market Overview and Launch "See Your Ballot", a New Web App for Voters to Use in the Voting Booth and Get Informed Fast


Ever stepped into the voting booth on Election Day to find you were asked to vote for more than you had prepared for? Ever wished you could study your ballot before you arrived at the ballot box? has partnered with emerging voter education technology to help you “see your ballot” and see what races, amendments and propositions will appear on your state and federal ballot this election season.

PollVault's user-friendly design allows voters to crowd-source ballot advice, or crowd-poll, seeing the ballot opinions of organizations and people they trust. The result is a ballot discussion happening within an easy-to-read grid showing the voter's virtual ballot next to the endorsements of a personalized, ten-member advisor panel, which could include the likes of the Sierra Club, the NRA, a friend, or Lady Gaga, for example.

“PollVault helps voters increase their knowledge of races that are less publicized than the presidential race, but no less important,” Sarah Lugaric, PollVault Director of Strategy and Partnerships, said. “PollVault lowers the bar for participation in the political process by enabling anyone with an Internet connection and a few minutes of time to start making voting decisions that better reflect their values.”

“The goal of PollVault is to help voters become better educated,” said Nolan Love, PollVault Founder and Chief Engineer. “Our right to vote is so precious, yet we leave that power on the table because we feel uninformed. Social media and mobile's role in filling this information gap is inevitable.”

"Very few voters - particularly young voters - go into the voting booth knowing everything they'll find on their ballot," commented Andy Bernstein, Executive Director of "Partnering with PollVault is an excellent opportunity to inform the public, using the best available research and technology."

Love says that voter privacy is top priority for PollVault, adding “no one can see your ballot choices unless you explicitly permit them to.”

“We hope the PollVault community will surface new thought leaders, shift political power based on the fidelity of ideas, and help voters make better decisions,” Love said.

About PollVault

PollVault is a nonpartisan and not-for-profit crowd-polling effort organized around collaborative political decision making. lt is not biased toward any corporate sponsor, investor, or interest group.

About HeadCount

HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy.

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