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EO Becomes First Certified Non-GMO Body Care Company


The Non-GMO Project has verified EO, a leading manufacturer of natural and organic body products as the first certified non-GMO bodycare company. EO has been manufacturing personal care products for almost 20 years and will be opening their 1st store in Mill Valley, California in early November.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are considered to be present in over 80% of processed foods, as well as in most body care products in the form of plant-based oils and other botanical ingredients. Many studies have pointed to adverse or unknown effects on human health from GMOs, which affect human health whether ingested or applied to the skin.

Recent polls show that more than 90% of Americans want to know whether or not their food and other products contain GMOs, and 2012 has seen a groundswell in the “right to know” movement. In the past year, over 1.2 million Americans have contacted the FDA requesting mandatory labeling of GMO foods, and more than a dozen states have taken up GMO labeling bills, including a voter initiative in California that puts mandatory GMO labeling on this November's ballot.

“When GMO seeds began to be used to grow corn and soybean, ingredients we use in our products, we immediately found other resources that were using non-GMO crops,” says Brad Black, co-founder and co-CEO of EO Products. “We are intentional to exclude GMO ingredients from our products because we deeply object to the experimental nature behind the technology, the increasing concerns about its affects on human health and to all the benefits of truly natural ingredients.”

EO began in 1995 with the vision to create natural products that support good health for people and the environment. This vision guides the daily operation at their headquarters in San Rafael, California. “At EO, every choice we make is informed by the impact our products have on health for our customers and the planet. From the boxes we use to ship our products to the way the plants for our lavender hand soap are grown, we make sure our choices are not harmful and support health and well being,” says Brad Black, co-Founder and co-CEO of EO.

To support its value for knowledge as power, the company has partnered with the Non-GMO Project in the creation of the following video which showcases the importance of being aware that what we put on our bodies affects our health as much as what we put in them. “Our goal is to make healthy products and empower our customers to live more conscious, connected lives. If we can inspire other business to do the same, we can truly create a better world,” says Brad Black.

EO is a leading manufacturer of natural and organic personal care products with over 100 products for bath, body, hair, home and pet. EO is a family owned company who is passionate about creating quality products that contribute to the health and well-being of both people and the planet. Founded in 1995, EO is the 1st non-GMO body care company in the country and was one of the first to be a certified organic manufacturer. EO crafts all their products using sustainable and small-batch manufacturing techniques at their facility in Marin County, California. EO products are available online, at the EO Exchange in Mill Valley, at over 6,000 natural food and specialty stores nationwide and in 10 countries around the world. For more information, visit our website at, call 800.570.3775, and for inspiration on the EO way of life, read our blog at

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