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AppNeta Launches Real User Monitoring for Web Developers


AppNeta, the leading provider of cloud-delivered services for performance management, today announced the launch of new Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities designed for web development and enhanced application performance. As a key feature of AppNeta's TraceView application performance management (APM) solution, the SaaS-delivered RUM functionality brings web developers and operations teams visibility into critical client side latency and errors; an integrated view of client- and server-side performance data; and proactive alerting to ensure consistent end user performance.

As website and application performance become more dependent on activity in the end user browser, it is necessary for web developers and operations teams to see into and understand client-side performance and critical errors. TraceView's RUM capabilities are designed to provide this enhanced visibility into the client side performance data integrated with full application stack monitoring visibility. The new capabilities enable developers to accurately measure and improve end user latency, providing detailed performance and errors data across pages, browsers, and geography.

"Real User Monitoring is a major addition to TraceView. With integrated visibility and measurement into both server side metrics and end user experience, TraceView gives us the most complete view of our application available anywhere," said Mark Niedzielski, VP, Operations, OurStage. "TraceView metrics are easier to access than any other tools we've used.”

“Browser performance is becoming more and more impactful to end user experience,” said Dan Kuebrich, Director of APM Product Management, AppNeta. “The lack of client-side visibility, particularly into errors and latency, is creating enormous challenges for managing performance. TraceView's new RUM capabilities are designed to arm dev and ops customers with the visibility and data they need to manage the demands of both modern web architectures and end users.”

The new RUM capabilities enhance TraceView's deep, detailed analysis of performance issues and bottlenecks, extending from the full application stack to the browser and providing critical data for quick problem resolution and improved end user experience. In addition to the client performance and error data, TraceView's RUM capabilities include tightly integrated client and server data with correlated, actionable information and configurable sample rate for deeper, cross application visibility. The RUM features will be included in all TraceView technology and additional enhancements will be available in November, 2012.

With the recent acquisition of Tracelytics, AppNeta now provides industry-first performance visibility across the complete network and application infrastructure. The unified performance management solution offers exceptional end user experience monitoring powered by the new RUM capabilities in TraceView and the proactive analysis of AppView Web's synthetic application traffic. For the first time, customers can understand not only the actual experiences of application end users but also the potential capacity of the application and network.

Start monitoring cross application performance in minutes with a free trial of AppNeta's SaaS-delivered TraceView service with RUM.

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AppNeta is revolutionizing IT Performance Management with the first cloud-delivered service for integrated, end-to-end visibility across networks and applications. AppNeta delivers an industry-first SaaS portfolio of End User Experience monitoring services with broad, cross application performance visibility and unprecedented network performance insight. AppNeta arms network and application engineers with the end-to-end visibility needed to know how users experience applications across the network.

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