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inome Chief Privacy Officer Jim Adler to Share Vision for Data-Driven World at Strata Conference


Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer and General Manager of Data Systems at inome, will encourage fellow privacy experts to rethink how big data intersects with thought and speech, and how legislative controls will impact data-driven activities at the Strata Conference on October 25 in New York City. During a special presentation, Adler will discuss his work at inome, the big data platform that powers Intelius, and the notion of big data as a hotbed for thoughtcrime and where it pushes the boundaries of privacy, morality, ethics and the law.

“Technologists around the globe are driving tremendous innovation in big data, but responsible innovation is only achieved when self-regulation is prioritized alongside consumer protection,” said Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer and General Manager of Data Systems, inome. “Big data is leaching out of our brains and into the disembodied cloud. As we map our complex society online, we should be cognizant of the inferences drawn from this data and particularly considerate when those thoughts are translated into action.”

Adler is honored to share his vision for this new data-driven world at O'Reilly's Strata Conference. He will lead a session entitled “Big Data is a Hotbed of Thoughtcrime – So What?” beginning at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 25. Attendees will leave Adler's presentation with an understanding of how big data is equipping individuals and businesses to think outside of their brains. Everyone benefits when this publicly available data is leveraged for positive inferences, such as helping police predict where and when crime is more likely to occur. Getting privacy right will take some time, however, because there is certainly a potential for negative ramifications just the same.

Adler is the Chief Privacy Officer and General Manager of Data Systems at inome, whose mission is to analyze the world's information and make it person-centric. He is a national leader on privacy, cryptography and security issues, having testified before the Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Congress, National Institute of Standards and Technology and leading academic institutions. Adler also serves on the advisory boards of the Future of Privacy Forum and Helios Voting.

Strata Conference gathers the leading minds in big data to focus on how businesses are using the power of big data to drive strategy, and how practitioners collect, analyze and manipulate data. The event aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of the forward looking trends in big data and what it takes to build a business in this field. For more information on the program, speakers, or to register for the event, please go to:


inome is evolving the Web to put people, instead of data, at the center of the online universe. Its revolutionary technologies connect billions of online and offline records to create unique profiles—or information genomes—for individuals. Applications and services built on information genomes help people connect with each other, control their publicly available information, and make informed decisions. inome is the result of almost a decade of people-centric innovation around organizing, integrating and analyzing personal information.

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